What makes Festival Hunt event so special?

There are so many questions being raised about the Festival Hunt event, so we thought it was the time for us to shed some light on this topic.

I’ve started beating the event at 11 PM, so… it means next time it will be possible for me to play in 24 hours, or is there a certain time when the fight’s available?

24 hours later relatively to the player. This actually means that every player gets its own individual time slot to play.

Will there be any similar events in the future?

It may well be. This actual event is an experiment of some sort.

Are you planning to enhance this idea somehow? How it could be enhanced?

It depends on how successful the next event will take place.

Could you please tell us a bit more about the actual idea behind this mode?

The event is taking place during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is dedicated to an eastern harvest season tradition.

How the reward system “Fortune pack” works?

It’s random. That is why it’s called a “Fortune pack” =) You can get a random rarity item (besides the unique ones) including the archive ones.