October 29, 2020

Top 3 HTML5 Audio and Video Web Tools

HTML being the basic framework of the internet, is been around since the birth of the web. But most of the advance options have been added in later versions of it. Just like the ability to add, edit,and convert audio video files over the web was not possible through using the basic HTML so it required plugins and other third-party players to do so. But the advent of HTML5 has changed this, it provides a way to deliver multimedia on the web using just the native HTML and JavaScript and also provide an API which can help taking over many plugins and doing these task using the simple native language which web understands. It provides <video>, <audio> tags that open up the world of different possibilities. Among which is the on the go conversion, editing, and recording of audio/video just using the browser without any third-party app or technology needed.Following are some of the best HTML5 tools you can get to use:m4atomp3.netThe first tool is a M4A to MP3 converter which can convert audio files from your iPhone’s and iPod’s directly to the MP3 format which is supported by almost all the devices. And this can too be done just using a browser without even uploading the file. This can help in saving time and protecting data from being exposed to some unknown website. The process is as simple as:< >Choosing the fileSelecting an output file format
Clicking the Convert buttonvideo-cutter-js.comAnother great tool is a video cutting and converting tool which can quickly and easily cut, rotate, flip, compress and convert videos just from the browser without needing any software to be installed. Moreover, video processing also doesnot need to upload a file. It supports all the mainstream formats and codecs so that it can work with almost all the video filesthat need to be processed. Also, there is no need for Flash or any other plugins to be used for these tasks.This tool uses HTML5 and JS which are used by all the browsers. All that is needed is just a few steps:< >Select the video file.Choose which functionality to use (Cut, compress, crop, rotate and convert)Select parameters and start executing the function When it completes, save the file on the computervoice-recorder-online.comLastly, a real-time voice recorder and audio cutter tool that can record directly from the browser without the need of installing any other software or plugin. Also, it provides all the features of a voice recorder like start, stops, resumes, time of recording, and other relevant information. More importantly, it also provides a unique functionality of recording and editing that audio at the same time. This way basic editing of the audio can be done when it is recorded. Thus, justusing a browser, microphone, and sound card recording and editing audio can be done. Also, this tool is cross-platform i.e. it can be used on Linux, windows, mac, or any other platform. All that needs to be done is:Click the red button to start< >Record, resume, pause using the appropriate buttonsFinish recording and save on the computer Edit the recording and then save.