June 16, 2020


Some people think that a person can never understand the culture of a country unless they speak the language. But i don't agree with this opinion.

Firstly, when we learn a language, we don't always learn the culture of the country. We only learn a language. For example, in school when we learn Russian, we remember different rules and how to spell words. We will learn something about the culture of the country, if the teacher wants to tell us about it.

Secondly, to understand the culture of a country, I think you need to know the culture of your country. Because to understand the culture of another country, you need to understand the your own culture. Also everyone has their own ways of accepting things. For example, for me, something may seem strange in another country, because in my country it may not be, or it just will be strange for me.

In conclusion, everyone understands and accepts things in their own way. We can understand and accept the cultures of different countries.