December 4, 2020

New Honda ADV 150, the first off-road scooter is already on sales in Brazil

The Japanese brand has established a new segment in the world of two wheels. The style and adventurous spirit of Trail bikes has reached Scooters: The New Honda ADV 150, which is now available in Brazil.

New Honda ADV 150, the first off-road scooter is already in Brazil. We investigated its origins and we can locate ourselves when Honda presented the X-ADV 750 at the 2016 EICMA show. Although its prototype was shown in 2015, it astonished the world with its design and its promises of versatility. Half motorcycle, half scooter, or as Honda called it, the SUV of motorcycles, the XADV was clearly a new concept of motorcycle that would soon spread to other segments.

And so, it was, since at the Indonesian Show last year, the GIIAS 2019, a new Scooter, striking by design and technology, is presented, the Honda ADV 150. That scooter shares the base of the Honca PCX 150 but is inspired by the design of the X-ADV 750. And from that moment we have been looking forward to its appearance on this side of the ocean.

The moment arrived on November 26, when it was presented in Brazil, manufactured in the plant that Honda has in the city of Manaus, the capital of the extensive state of Amazonas, known as the Paris of the Tropics. Aesthetically and technically, the Honda ADV 150 seems to us a perfect mix of a city scooter and a trail bike as it presents details typical of both styles. We could refer to it as an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), a term commonly used until now only for 4-wheel vehicles, but with the ADV 150 it also makes sense. It is a vehicle with which to go around the city on a daily basis or go out on the weekend to discover new places, now it is possible and on a Scooter!!!

As we said, the Honda ADV 150 comes with a design language that has been inspired by the X-ADV 750 but based on a PCX 150. Its design attracts our attention, it is FUTURISTIC, aggressive and muscular, where the lines its dual Full LED front optics dominate its front as well as the "X" -shaped rear optics in addition to the Daylight function also LED. The bodywork is shown with sharp lines and together with the metallic colors, they give the scooter a premium and high-quality look as Honda is accustomed to.

It shares the 149.3 cc single-cylinder with the PCX, which delivers a maximum power of 14.5 hp at 8,500 rpm and has a torque of 13.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm with injection and PGM-FI ignition that incorporates the system. IDLE-STOP fuel saver that stops the engine at stops such as traffic lights. On the other hand, engine starting is also smooth thanks to the presence of the Honda ACG alternating current generator. Basically, it eliminates the need for a separate starter motor and instead uses the same generator that powers the electrical system to start the engine. This makes for a super quiet start as there is no gear noise.

Scooters are easy to drive, and practical to use in the city, and they get excellent fuel economy. They are also fun.