April 30, 2019

Choosing the right company for buying Conex Box

·        Get you chosen product

See their website if the kind of shipping container you want is available.

·        Get Online

Choose which ones have a track record of excellence and reputation.

·        Get searching

Choose which ones after services that fot your liking and considerations.

·        Get asking

One you’ve gone online to a specific company, go ahead and ask them a question through email or their online customer service. See how fast they respond

·        Get on the line

Go and give them a call though customer service hotlines. You can gauge how friendly their staff is while talking to you.

For more details Conex Box  :- https://www.shippingcontainertool.com/open-close-conex-box-containers/

There are millions of Conex boxes in use around the world, and a lucky few get a second life as one of our repurposed shipping container structures. While they look a bit plain and boxy to the untrained eye, shipping containers play a critical role in our lives, embarking on ocean crossings to deliver the goods we use every day (and sometimes venturing into a second career as a container structure with Falcon).

 Here are some fascinating facts about Conex Box:

·        Shipping containers can be safely stacked nine-high.

·        Well-maintained shipping containers hold 759, of their original value for 25+ years.

·        There are over 37 million shipping containers in use around the world.

·        A Conex box floor can hold up 55,000 lb. of goods without warping.

·        Conex Box flooring is made of 1-1/8” marine grade plywood.

·        Most containers are 20 feet or 40-feet long.

·        Shipping containers are made of 16-gauge corten steel.

·        Common container modifications include: personnel doors, windows flooring, shelving, work stations, insulation, climate control & even restrooms.