November 26, 2020

How to - Combining jewelry with different colors

A trend that is increasingly emerging in the jewelry world is the combination of different colors of jewelry. Many people doubt whether this is possible. We think so and we will tell you in this blog how you can best do this!

Combine different colors of jewelry

In the past, wearing jewelry was a lot easier: you didn't wear different colors and materials together. Combining gold and silver was an absolute no-go, but this trend is changing. Because, yes why not? The coolness of silver and the warmth of gold create a beautiful combination. The trendy trend color rosé is also perfect for mixing and matching. Of course, you can still only go for gold or silver accessories, but it is no longer a must. You see more and more combinations of different materials popping up. And we like it! Click here to buy bridal jewelry online

Because this trend is becoming increasingly important, you can also see it in the jewelry itself. There is now a lot of stylish jewelry that has a color combination, these jewelry are called bicolor or two-tone, you can read exactly the difference here. This jewelry makes mixing a lot easier. For example, do you have a gold and silver bracelet that you want to combine? Then choose a bicolor copy that has both colors. This way you ensure that your accessories look like a whole and you can still combine them nicely. Also, watches are more often a combination of colors so you can wear nice all together.

How do I combine jewelry?

How do you ensure that all those colors of jewelry do not look chaotic? Below we give you some extra tips to wear the trend as well as possible:

  1. Go subtle. It is advisable to opt for fine and subtle jewelry. This way it is not too much and you can still show many different colors and metals. Get to know more jewellery online shopping Canada
  2. Choose jewelry in the same style. If you like jewelry with a special style: vintage or sleek and minimalist, make sure that the rest of the jewelry you wear is in the same style. This way you prevent the combination of your accessories from looking messy.
  3. Note the balance between the colors. If you wear one gold piece of jewelry among all the silver-colored jewelry, this can be a bit out of place. If you are going to mix and match metals, make sure that each color comes back once.