August 10, 2020

Dermatology Diagnostic Device Market Overview, Top 10 Companies and Forecast to 2022

Market Overview:

Dermatology diagnostic device is designed to diagnose various types of skin diseases and other health problems such as skin cancer, skin lesion, scalp problems and various other skin problems and disorders. This device helps in diagnosing the nature of disease including skin disease and aids in prescribing the right medication and treatment to the patients affected by the same.

With increased awareness about skin health, Dermatology Diagnostic Device Market Trends to register considerable growth across the world. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and as a result is responsible for a significant portion of problems in human health.

To respond to these situations, manufacturers are developing devices with advanced technologies in close collaboration, identifying the unmet clinical needs typically. Some caregiving facilities are availing high-quality screening facilities in pharmacies that can provide a severity grade for the lesion and refer the patient to the dermatologist, depending upon the conditions.

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Competitive Scenario:

·         Valeant Pharmaceuticals

·         Cutera

·         Alma Laser

·         Dino-Lite Europe/IDCP B.V.

·         Galderma S.A.

·         Cynosure

·         Lumenis

·         Ltd. Genentech

·         Michelson Diagnostics Ltd


·         Dermatology diagnostic device market is segmented by diagnostic devices, application of devices and end users.

·         On the basis of diagnostic device, the dermatology diagnostic device market is divided into imaging devices, dermatoscopes and microscopes.

·         Application-wise, dermatology diagnostic device market is subdivided by the application of devices such as skin cancer, lesion and others.

·         According to end users, dermatology diagnostic device market is classified into hospitals, institutions, research labs and centers and others.

Regional Analysis:

Disposable income, increased health awareness and growing incidence of number of skin case diseases mainly due to deteriorating environmental conditions will add a considerable impetus to the expansion of dermatology diagnostic device market. Region-wise, prevailing trends in the market can be evaluated on the basis of four geographies including the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

Awareness about skin health and the benefits of early detection of dermatological problems has created potent scope for the growth of dermatology diagnostic device market. A growing geriatric population across the various regions has led to the occurrence of greater number of skin related disorders that has prompted healthcare providers to focus on offering expanded dermatology solutions. With better access to superior healthcare services, such trends in the dermatology diagnostic device market are expected to be witnessed in the developed nations of North America and Europe.

Rising middle class with increased income, greater expenditure on healthcare and significant government initiatives to increase access to efficient healthcare services in Asia Pacific are factor that are anticipated to drive the growth of dermatology diagnostic device market in the region.