July 10, 2020

Vaginal Slings Market Expectations, Trend Analytics and Forecast to 2023

Market Overview:

Vaginal sling procedures are defined as types of surgeries that can help to control stress urinary incontinence. A new report on the global vaginal slings market, published by Market Research Future (MRFR), infers that this market could mark improvement at 3.6 % CAGR between 2017 and 2023. In terms of value, the market can be worth USD 1,459 Mn by the end of the forecast period.

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Major market driving factors of the global Vaginal Slings Market Growth include the aging female population, increasing research to discover new urinary incontinence treatment options, rising occurrence of urinary incontinence. However, the complications caused by urinary incontinence surgery and various recent product recall can hinder the market growth.

Key Players:

·         A.M.I. GmbH

·         Betatech Medical

·         Boston Scientific Corporation

·         CL Medical

·         Coloplast Corp

·         Ethicon Inc

·         Herniamesh S.r.l

·         Promedon

Market Segmentation:

·         The global vaginal slings market segmentation encompasses end-user, method, and product type. MRFR’s take on the market explores various facets of the market in-depth.

·         Regarding end-users, this market has been segmented into ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, urogynecology clinics, and others. The hospitals segment can be worth USD 539.7 Mn by 2023.

·         In the context of method, the market has been segmented into the retropubic method, single-incision mini method, and transobturator method.

·         Based on product type, the market has been segmented into mini-slings/single-incision slings, tension-free vaginal tape slings (TVT), transobturator tape slings (TOT), and others. The TVT segment holds the 52% market share in the global vaginal slings market.

Regional Segmentation:

A geographical outlining of the global vaginal slings market covers Europe, The Americas (North America & Latin America), Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa (MEA).

During the forecast period, the Americas region is expected to hold the largest market share in the global market due to the increasing awareness and the rising prevalence of urinary incontinence among the female population. Availability of advanced medical facilities in the USA and Canada is also boosting the market growth. Due to this reason, North America is the bigger regional market segment, compared to Latin America.

During the forecast period, the European market is likely to grow substantially due to increased healthcare spending and increasing awareness related to urinary incontinence issues. Due to the reasons the same as The Americas, Western Europe is a bigger regional market segment compared to Eastern Europe. Germany holds a 27% share in the market of Western Europe. Other pressing country-specific markets in this region are France, Italy, Spain, and the UK. An analysis of the remaining countries in Western Europe featured in this report estimates the huge contribution to market revenue from some other countries, along with and a sizable revenue contribution from Eastern Europe