August 5, 2020

Asia Pacific Acrylic Teeth Market Overview, Global Insights and Forecast to 2021

Asia Pacific Acrylic Teeth Market โ€“ Overview:

Artificial teeth made for dentures can be of acrylic, porcelain, or composite resin. The acrylic teeth are easy to adjust, and also has a chemical bonding with as denture as both are made of same material. Furthermore, acrylic teeth are more compatible than the porcelain teeth as well as easy to fabricate.

The increasing number of edentulous patients in the Asia Pacific region have created high demand for these teeth. Moreover, rising disposable income, increasing incidences of dental caries & other periodontal diseases, and various advantages of acrylic teeth over porcelain teeth are likely to boost the Asia Pacific market. However, factors such as inadequate reimbursement and problems associated with dentures may hinder the growth of the market up to some extent during the review period. The market also possesses significant growth opportunities, which include increasing focus on cosmetic dentistry and colossal pool of geriatric population in the region.

Chinese acrylic teeth market is expected to witness the highest growth. The growth of the market is driven by increasing aging population in the country. According to the China National Committee on Aging, 185 million people were over 60 years old in 2011 (13.7% of the population); this number is expected to touch 297 million by 2021.

The Acrylic Teeth Market Trends in Asia Pacificexpected to grow at a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period till 2021. According to a recent study report published by the Market Research Future, the Asia Pacific Acrylic Teeth market is expected to gain eminence over the forecast period. The market is forecasted to demonstrate a steady growth by 2021, surpassing its previous growth records in terms of value with a constant CAGR during the anticipated period (2017โ€“2021).

Asia Pacific Acrylic Teeth Market โ€“ Key Players:

YAMAHACHI DENTAL MFG., CO (Japan), SHOFU DENTAL (Singapore), Heraeus Kulzer GmbH (Germany), Dentsply Sirona (U.S.), IvoclarVivadent (Liechtenstein), Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter Gmbh& Co. KG (Germany), Shandong Huge Dental Material Corporation (China), Unidesa-Odi (Spain),New Stetic S.A. (Colombia), Dental Manufacturing S.p.a (Italy)

Competitive Landscape:

The market for acrylic teeth is characterised by the presence of several well-established and small players, the global market of acrylic teeth appears to be highly competitive and fragmented. Major players are increasingly expanding their footprint in the emerging nations, making it putting pressure on the regional players, especially in terms of features such as type, product portfolios, and pricing. The market is witnessing intensified competition which is expected to get more intensified further during the forecast period. Asia-Pacific market is market by high intensity of rivalry. There are few large layers and high numbers of small players are operating in the Asia-Pacific market. The market of some of Asian countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea are marked by presence of large number of domestic players such as Shandong Huge Dental Material Corporation, Yamahachi Dental, Shanghai Pigeon Dental, and Guangzhou Doda Medical Instrument amongst others. These players offer their products at relatively low price as compared to other large players. As Asia-Pacific is a price sensitive market and the consumers tend to opt for products which are low priced. Due to this, the small players provide high competition to the large players.

In March 2015, Heraeus Kulzer GmbH launched a new product named PalaVeneer, a ready-made veneer shells that leave more room for aesthetics and can be arranged significantly more efficiently. This has helped the company to enter into new segment and capture a reasonable amount of share.

Furthermore, in September 2015, Dentsply International Inc. signed a merger agreement with Sirona. This proposed merger will help Dentsply to expand its geographic reach, increase its products range and sales.

Therefore, the growing key business strategies will help the key competitors to expand their presence in various parts of the Asia Pacific region for their competitive products and will has spurred the growth of the market.

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