August 5, 2020

Middle East And Africa Surgical Sutures Market Statistics, Business Overview and Forecast to 2023

Middle East and Africa Surgical sutures Market – Overview

The Middle East And Africa Surgical Sutures Market are rising with a moderate rate; mainly owing to increase in patient population. According to update report of World Health Organization, In South Africa an estimated USD 26 million is spent annually for the care of burns from a kerosene cook stove incidents. Also report suggest that females are slightly higher burns in comparison to male. Increasing consumer awareness about the benefits associated with surgical sutures, increasing the demands Middle East and Africa.

Companies are continually inventing new products to capture the market of the Middle East and Africa. Thus, major players invest more in research and development activity, in order to lead the Middle East and Africa market. In this regards, Ethicon Inc., in 2017, launched PROXISURE suturing device designed to improve precision in minimally-invasive surgery. This invention help company to establishing a new standard of excellence in laparoscopic suturing and also to treat patients in wound closure. Companies are investing more into research and development in order to develop quality and advance products, which help them to lead the Middle East and Africa market.

Again in January 2017, Ethicon Inc., announced that it acquired Megadyne Medical Products, Inc. that develops, manufactures and markets electrosurgical tools used in operating rooms worldwide. This acquisition help company to increase the product portfolio around the world. Increasing in demand for treatment fuel the growth of surgery sutures in this region.

Market Synopsis:

Surgical suture is also known as stitches surgical threads that are used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. It is normally classified into two types absorbable and non-absorbable, absorbable suture are those which break down harmlessly in the body over time without intervention, whereas non-absorbable are those which removed manually if they are not left indefinitely. It also avoids infection of an open wound. Rising incidences of accidents, growing expenditure on health and development of advanced sutures such as film coated sutures in this region leads the market of surgical suture. Now a days there are the huge demands for surgical suture owing to increase in prevalence of accidents. Also increase kerosene cook stove incidents, non-fatal burn injuries, workplace and home injuries are fuelling the requirements of suture in this region. According to the report published by the World Health Organization (WHO), globally around 180,000 people died with burning annually, and the majority of these occur in low- and middle-income countries and almost two thirds occur in the WHO African and South-East Asia regions. This huge presence of patient population increases the demand for surgical suture for effective treatment.

Competitive Landscape:

Ethicon Inc. (U.S.), B. Braun Melsungen AG (Germany), Dolphin Sutures, Synthecon (Germany), DemeTECH Corporation (U.S.), Medtronic plc (U.S.), Internacional Farmacéutica S.A. de C.V. (Mexico), Sutures India Pvt. Ltd (India)

Middle East and Africa Surgical sutures Market   - Regional Analysis:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 4.25% of children with burns have a temporary disability and 4.5% have a permanent disability. Burns is one of the leading causes of disability in low- and middle-income countries and most of the countries from this region falls under the low-income group. UAE is the largest market for surgical sutures in the entire Middle East and Africa surgical sutures market closely followed by Egypt. The rest of Africa’s market, especially Sub Saharan regions is, however the fastest growing market with a huge unmet medical need. World organization is more focused in order to provide funds to the countries of this region in order to improve the quality of life.

Moreover, the government of these countries are looking support from developed and developing nation in order to get effective and advanced treatment at lower cost. Companies are also looking forward to this market owing to the huge gap between demand and supply of the patients. Thus the Middle East and Africa offer immense potential and opportunities for the surgical sutures market. Apart from the unmet needs for treatment, second most important market driving factor are the policies of national governments and international bodies such as World health organization (WHO). For example, development and use of a global burn registry for globally harmonized data collection on burns and increased collaboration between global and national networks to increase the number of effective programs for burn prevention.

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