February 12, 2019

Editing the spine on the loop Glisson

Oh, this age of technology, the race for the material, sedentary lifestyle. We are so young, and health problems has absolutely everyone. Absolutely. If not internal organs, then back, spine or eyesight. And the most common diseases are rooted in the cervical spine.

In this article I will not say that you need to move more, hang less in the phone, do exercises, strive for the spiritual, because you know all this. In this article I will talk about how to further maintain your health, namely, our only one and such important spinal cord.

Glisson loop is a tool for working with the neck, atlas and the whole spine, it also helps to solve problems with fairly strong curvatures. The loop itself helps to stretch the spine, make decompression of the vertebrae and from this, you can immediately notice the effect:

-Eyes start feeling better, because the flow of energy into the brain no longer interferes

- blood circulates better

-fabs fully fed and due to this update, the process of cell regeneration is accelerated

- mood improves, vivacity appears

- passes insomnia, sleep deeper

- ceases to lay the nose.

Principle of operation:

A special device is put on the head, which is fixed on a horizontal bar or other place, as a result there is a tension force, which, in fact, creates traction. The degree of stretching is regulated by your body. I give a little bit of a smooth load, everything goes very smoothly, there is no task to somehow dramatically introduce a person, there is a task to go after him, to feel how he feels. Then, quietly, I increase the tension, then even more, and we reach a state where you do not need to support yourself while standing on your toes, since complete relaxation occurs and the person hangs without any help on the tendons of the neck and muscles. Here each has a different course. Someone needs one session, someone needs 4-5.

Glisson loop is indicated for those who have any protrusions, intervertebral hernia, shoulder pain, headaches, unstable blood pressure, pain and numbness in the hands and fingers, dizziness, constant or intermittent noise in the head, poor coordination, discomfort throat, quick fatigue, discomfort with long sitting.

Glisson loop is contraindicated for those who have iron plates in the body, who less than half a year ago suffered a serious injury.

Why is it safe:

The neck is a very powerful tool, according to medical indicators, the average weight on the neck is the weight of a person, plus you can add 200 kg. Up to this weight, you can smoothly load, so hanging on your neck is less of what it can do.

Is it possible to hang by yourself on the Glisson loop?

It is possible and even necessary, the main thing is to do it slowly, calmly. Maxim teaches people this, so after several such sessions with his help, you can already get yourself a Glisson loop and learn how to work not only with yourself, but also with other people. It is necessary only with a small periodicity of 2-3 minutes to pull out your vertebrae at home and you will forget about all the above problems.

Feedback from one of the girls who did this practice:

"I trusted Maxim and tried to follow all his instructions, most often they were type indications - relax and inhale-exhale. After the first three minutes I fell into some negative feelings, I will not tell you the details, but after a while I felt myself like a helpless child who was just born and crying .. and after an incredible peace of mind, my body is 100% relaxed, bright colors around, clean birds singing, no problems and everything seems to get into place. In the second session I managed to hang a little without foot for a second, I felt the vertebrae came back into place, and again the same gut feeling as at the first time. And now, the second day of a state of bliss, my neck is now spinning in all directions without pain. "

Invest in yourself correctly!

© Maksim Shtark

Cost: 1 session 50$

Device for independent work at home 250$, worldwide delivery is possible, (Paid separately)


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