November 26, 2020

Fan video about the series "Sex Education" | Week 3

Hello everybody! For the third week now I've been working on my fan video for the Sex Education series. To be honest, I was very carried away by this, so I devote a lot of time to this video. Last week I created an abstract snapshot of my future video. And at this stage, I already changed all those cubes and triangles to normal 3D models. Well, I also managed a little, for now, it's simple, to paint the scenes in the colors of the series itself.

I'll attach a little from the finished material:

After: in this frame I wanted to show what could be in an ordinary ladies' cosmetic bag)))

Still the process of creating a video is not easy! But I am gradually starting to feel confident, even in the banal use of 3D animation software: D. Thank you for taking the time to post and for your interest in promoting me! See you in a week :)))