October 15, 2020



Quite recently I started doing 3D motion design, I always watched the videos of professionals in this field with my mouth open: how do they do it? How do they get such spectacular and dynamic videos? I have always been interested in animation. So much you can think of ... " With motion graphics, you can visualize concrete data and abstract ideas by using visual effects, audio, graphic design and various animation techniques. This turns a static picture into a dynamic one. "


There is not a single day of my life in which I would not listen to music. Music is something that is always with me, wherever I am. Music is very inspiring to create, to create something that you have never thought of before. I love music very much and everything connected with it. "Music is what makes every person better. Music is all that people have in order to get a charge of vivacity and a kick in the ass. Music is a motivator. , someone listens to the song and all the words that are sung accurately describe you. This is the pleasure that everyone experiences. The main thing for you is never to give up and go forward, and the music will support you and help you solve any problem. "

Music + Motion Design

These two things that give me emotion and admiration, I decided to combine. Recently I decided to switch from cool Hip-hop to calm and melodic Pop and RnB. I have the same attitude to these genres, but sometimes I switch to reboot and let new thoughts into myself. In general, at the moment I am working on a video. It will be about one of my favorite performers - Frank Ocean ("Frank Ocean is considered a genius, listen to his new releases with a breath and a slight tremor, and just admire the old ones.)Frank Ocean is considered a rebel rather than a bummer when he ignores the camp dress code at the Met Gala and arrives in a black Prada anorak. Frank is not trying to impress anyone - he attracts attention even without feathers with rhinestones. The one that came at all. Mystery is the cornerstone of everything Ocean does. He leads a closed lifestyle, rarely gives interviews, releases albums every four years and does not waste his talent on walk-through releases. ") I hope you enjoy it.

At the moment, the video is in the middle of its creation. All the final models have already been prepared, all the animation has been done and the color has already been selected. And this is what happened:

White Ferarri




These were all a couple of examples of such scenes.

I hope you enjoyed it!) Thank you for your attention!)