July 15, 2020

How to Start Quickly

So, you decided to give Fingo a go. What do you need to do?

  1. Advertise / Share your link.
  2. Attract Shoppers
  3. Guide Shoppers to download the app
  4. Guide Shoppers to self upgrade as PS and join the team to propagate.

Advertise and Sharing your link.

Get your link from your account page. See below Diagram . Once you click "Invite new PS to get vouchers" another screen opens up where you can actually send your link via all types of social media like Facebook, Whatsapp and etc.

You can choose , for example , the Whatsapp icon and once you click on the whatsapp icon, it will open whatsapp application on your phone and you can choose which contact to send the link to.

Please take note, every time you generate the link it will look different, but as long as it comes from your app, the link is yours.

Test: Send your link to me 0124208754

Another quick picture of how to locate your invitation link and meaning of invitation code is here - Rotate your phone to landscape to see this image clearly

You can advertise your link via whatsapp message or post in Facebook. Its highly recommend you look at how these link is advertised in FB by your inviter or Sifu Penang. You can copy exactly, just change and put your link.


You can use your link directly to paste in your FB or even use link shorteners like bit.ly to shorten these.

Example of Whatsapp

How to edit and post in Facebook:

Attract Shoppers

Shoppers become linked to you when they click your link and register in Fingo. This is first step. Please process the shoppers fast. Dont sign up shoppers and do nothing with them. If unsure what to do, contact your inviter or ask me.

Guide Shoppers to download the app

Please guide the shoppers how to download the app and log in. The steps are here as well as in push buttons of this bot


Steps 5-9 are how to download the app and log in.

Guide Shoppers to become PS

What to do to shoppers once they registered? Read this article. It is also in the pushbutton of this bot


Steps to use the app to be PS


Whats Next?

Close this browser and watch the cash back plan in BM from the push button.