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The most interesting news from the world of cryptocurrencies

UMI source code is open source again

After the UMI account was blocked on GitHub due to the large influx of users, the source code was unavailable for some time. Last week, the UMI team resolved this issue and posted the source code for UMI and the staking smart contract in full on three well-known repositories:
• GitHub -
• GitLab -
• Bitbucket -
The presentation of the source code also took place at the UMI-2020 crypto forum in Moscow, which was held by the ROY Club community.

Cryptocurrency card from Binance: soon in Russia

Bitcoin exchange Binance, despite the controversial cryptocurrency law, announced preparations for the launch of the Binance Card in Russia. The exchange considers the Russian market very important for itself and will do everything to ensure that users can get the best experience from using the future card. Cardholders will be able to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency without converting to cash, as well as instantly withdraw coins from their Binance trading account.

US continues to fight cryptocurrencies

While other countries are trying to introduce cryptocurrencies into their economies and invest in the development of digital money, the United States continues to invest in tools for tracking and regulating cryptocurrencies. So, last week, the US tax service invested $ 250 thousand in Blockchain Analytics and Tax Software. The cooperation will allow the department to expand tools for tracking cryptocurrency transactions. In addition, the US Internal Revenue Service said it would pay $ 625,000 to a contractor who would help track transactions on the Monero cryptocurrency network, bypassing technologies that ensure their anonymity.

The fate of the digital euro will be decided very soon

A working group at the European Central Bank will soon issue a verdict on the feasibility of developing a digital euro, said ECB President Christine Lagarde. The digital euro has been talked about for a long time. Many eurozone countries are positive about the issue of the future currency. In addition, the first tests have already been carried out in 2020. However, the final decision will be with the Central Bank and we will know about it very soon.

Cryptocurrency regulation process approved in Switzerland

Already in 2021, Switzerland will have a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. so, on September 10, the amendments to the legislation were finally approved by the Senate of the country. The new regulations will allow the cryptocurrency industry to operate legally and will stimulate the development of the industry in the country.

Mastercard is going to test digital currencies

With many countries developing their own digital currencies, Mastercard has created a virtual environment to test that kind of money. This environment will allow banks to issue currencies in test mode, evaluate their performance, usability and compatibility with the current payment ecosystem. It is a powerful tool that can significantly speed up and simplify the issuance of national digital currencies.

Just Eat started accepting BTC

The popular French food delivery network Just Eat has started accepting Bitcoin. The corresponding item appeared in the payment options for the order. Also on the website of the network it is indicated that the intermediary is the BitPay cryptocurrency processing service. The chain has more than 15,000 restaurants in the country and this decision could lead to the fact that other chains will soon begin to accept cryptocurrencies.

Bank of Great Britain began to work legally with cryptocurrency

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has issued a cryptocurrency license to Ziglu Bank. This allowed the bank to launch P2P payments for fiat and cryptocurrencies. The bank applied for such a license back in May 2019, and the procedure ended in success last week. This is a good sign, and in the future other large banks may also pick up this practice.

Cryptocurrency records of August

According to analyst reports, August 2020 was very rich in cryptocurrency records. Thus, the trading volume on bitcoin exchanges grew by 75%, and the income of bitcoin miners in August reached $ 368.3 million, which is $ 23% more than last month. Attendance of bitcoin exchanges in August rose to a maximum in 14 months, the volume of Ethereum transactions in August was $ 24 billion, and on-chain activity of Bitcoin and Ethereum grew by 38% in August.