January 19, 2021

How to Fix Big shot and Parting thoughts Issues on Older Bikes?

Big shot

Sometimes, the motorcycle has a big breakdown. Although you cannot solve these problems, you can diagnose them. When you buy something, they will not tell you about these major breakdowns and motorcycle safety courses, I don't think you will ride such a bike...

On motorcycles, diagnosing the difference between the valve and the bearing is a bit tricky, because the entire object will vibrate throughout the frame. Generally, the rules are as follows:

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A tap on the valve lifter is a very "narrow" tap on the idol, and it will get better if you turn the bicycle off and on, correct the fuel level or heat the bicycle. If your voice is like this, you may only need to change the oil. On bicycles without hydraulic lifts, you need to make adjustments.

The chain of the camshaft (the large metal rod that opens the valve) sounds like a "ball bearing in a tank" and rattles under the fuel tank. Cam chain rattles need to be repaired, but repair costs are usually not high. If the plink does not improve with the injection of fluid or heat, it needs to be repaired.

On the other hand, valve problems tend to be "attractive." No, literally! A stuck valve will cause suction on the exhaust pipe. Valves are often the cause of black smoke.

The main engine failure of the motorcycle sounds like metal scratches. Don’t think it’s a gearbox just because the bike disappears most of the time when shifting or accelerating. The heat of the engine is not much different from these noises, and low oil pressure lamps are useless.

The rod, piston or severe knock is not subtle, you can change the noise by manipulating the throttle. The real thing to look for in all engines is the obvious "murmur" or "murmur" with the throttle. You should not make such a sound when riding a bicycle.

It is easier to determine whether the transmission problem is a minor or major problem. If it keeps you from using gears, stuck gears or even no gears, there is little hope of solving any problems (for most motorcycles) other than a complete rebuild. However, if the gearbox "splashes", rattles or pulsates when shifting or shifting gears, it is usually just the clutch. The best thing you can do for a gearbox is to keep the gears open at all times-most gears are damaged by half gears. The clumsy gearbox sometimes makes the sound of metal punching, which is usually of little significance, except that it is designed to change gears quickly and is easy to abuse. Transmission seems to move quietly or quickly, but physics hinders the realization of both.

Parting thoughts

I designed this guide to help people clear out "simple fixes." You need gasoline and sparks to run any engine, and you need good control to use it. Before you find a mechanic, your bike will help you choose the right bike.

Finally, when it comes time to bring it to the store, please provide a lot of detailed information and make sure you receive the detailed information in return. Ask questions, such as why parts are needed, and ask if there are other reasons. If repairs are required, please consult experts for these repair costs. If the technicians are not willing to give you five minutes to do it, then why spend a few hours of labor? Don't feel sad when you walk out of a bad store. Due to neglected mechanical failures, it is worse to leave the basket bike or not to go to the meeting at all.