March 13, 2020

Internet Explorer not working

Already having a bad day and your explorer stops working too, care not!

Just follow the steps mentioned below and it will resume working even better.

Firstly,you can try resetting your internet explorer. There are two methods for resetting.

1st method :

Open Internet Explorer and select the ‘Tools menu’.

Select the ‘Internet options’; on the next screen, a configuration window will appear.

Click on the advanced bar

Select the reset button followed by ‘Delete Personal Settings’

Again click on the reset button.

2nd method:

Click on the Start button

Select-control panel

Click on network and internet option

Click on the ‘Internet options’ then on advanced tab

Select reset and in another box click on the ‘delete personal settings’

Finally, click on the reset button

There is another fix that you can try that will resolve the problem. You can update graphics drivers and disable rendering of software. Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the settings :

Open Internet Explorer

Select Tools menu and then click on the Internet Options

On the next pop up box click on the Advanced tab

On the next screen, under the ‘accelerated graphics’ you will find an option ‘use software rendering instead of GPU rendering’, disable this option.

I hope this rectifies the issue.

There is another method that requires you to uninstall all the unwanted toolbars. Many a time a third party toolbar is responsible for such problems and to eradicate these problems you need to do the following :

You can remove the undesirable toolbars from the control panel.

Navigate to add/remove programs.

Just remove any toolbar listed on the list and you are sorted.

You can also try disabling unwanted Add-ons. This will ensure that issues like Internet Explorer not working, stops working or crashing remain at bay.

To disable unwanted Add-ons, simply go to the settings and click on the Manage Add-ons button.

By clicking right-click, disable the Add-ons.

I hope this comes handy in a situation of freezing, stopping or crashing of the Internet Explorer. There are varied methods available for Internet Explorer not working situations over the internet, try them in case these do not work for you.