November 14, 2021

1 step of trailer

So. the end of the first stage. This video that I made will be my foundation for creating a full trailer. In each scene of this video, an approximate understanding of how the finished trailer will look in the future. Of course, it will be possible to change something to make everything look beautiful, so do not be afraid if you have misunderstandings in certain scenes. Remember, I have always relied on the script and I will do as it is written there. If you have any edits then tell me about it.

And now I'll show you the color palette of the scenes.


1 scene

This is the scene where Kevin is with Champ laying on the couch.

2 scene

There are family parks in front of new house.

3 scene

robber in front of the house at night time.

4 scene

Wilson dancing in the supermarket and being caught on the store cameras.

5 scene

Father sitting in a chair with champ on his lap.