March 20, 2020

How iPhone App Development Adds Value to the Retail Industry

iPhone App Development

The growing emotion over online shopping is taking over the world. With people having less time and more duties to do, they are almost agitated about taking out time to shop. The switch from making a purchase from brick and mortar shops to making a purchase online is what’s happening in this digital age. The extensive use of mobile devices is allowing users to take control over their time and utilize it effectively.

The two most used platforms- Android and iOS are gripping the market and gaining more users every day. The daily addition is keeping up the business to improve the end-users lives by introducing more apps that suffice their needs. The retail industry is one such industry that is impacted by the introduction of mobile apps. Definitely in a positive way! End-users are thrilled about using retail apps and making their lives easier than before. With the inclusion of trends like AR, VR, app usage has become a fun, feasible and ideal option.
In the blog today, we are covering how iPhone app development is impacting the retail industry. We already know how smart devices are enthralling the idea of mobile apps. All we need to know more is how the iPhone app development company takes advantage of the segment.

1) Smart Shops

Many brands across the globe have started to install iPads, iPhones, iPod touch devices to help make the storess smart shops. The installation of devices with mobile apps on it helps retail shops to manage various tasks like inventory management, attendance, stockpiling, report defects, payments, transfers and more. When it comes to managing shops at such a critical age, the users can go dramatic over things not available.

iPhone app development company thus develops apps that meet the retail shop's requirement while building a nice shopping experience for the end-users. Few brands that are improving the end-user experience with smart shops are IKEA, Burberry.

2) Personalized Shopping Experience

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the users could decide on the shopping while sitting at home? This is required in cases when a customer has to make a big decision and require digital support for that. iOS app development company is coming up with ideas like virtual shopping to assist users with personalized shopping.

Considering every user's needs are different, online shopping could be complicated. To ease the burden, there are trends in retail apps like ‘virtual try before buy’. With this, users can judge the item with their lifestyle, decide if they are making the right decision and then make the final purchase followed by an online payment. It's as easy as it can get with iPhone apps!

For instance – Businesses like Houzz, Wayfair, Overstock have created apps that let customers virtually try before they buy.

3) Increased Engagement

For a few customers, it was very annoying when sales representatives wouldn't stop buzzing around them and push them to make a purchase! This challenge has been changed with the use of mobile apps in the retail industry. iPhone application development company provides users with the feasibility to interact or engage with the store digitally. They can go through the series of options available, compare prices, share reviews, and suggest feedback and more.

The engagement with the users has become easier than earlier as people find digital communication better, instant, and easier than personally visiting the shop and interacting with sales representatives.

4) Latest Technologies

It's not only a mere app we are talking about here, but we are talking about iOS apps that are infused with trends like Machine Learning, Beacon Technology, Chatbots and more. With such technologies, an iOS app becomes better and power-packed. The iPhone development company uses these trends to improve the experience for the end-users. How does each trend impact the retail industry? Let’s find out.

  • Machine Learning: This trend is used to learn about the user's buying behavior. It can easily be utilized to predict a user's next purchase and notify them. For instance, in the Starbucks app, the app learns from users' buying behavior and at the same time informs them to make the same purchase. If accepted, the app notifies the nearest cafe to prepare the order. Making the buying process easier than before!
  • Chatbot: The next trend is the chatbot which helps users to connect with the brand or store easily and instantly in just a few clicks. The brand and user conversations are growing as there is no time-bound or restriction on connecting with the business at any point in the day.
  • Beacon: The most anticipated trend, beacon notifies the users with any upcoming discount, sales, offer if they happen to be in the vicinity of the brand or store. Beacon uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the store and notifies the user about the same while prompting them to make a purchase.
    Statista states that Beacon is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 59.8% to reach about 56.6 billion U.S. dollars in size in 2026.


Summing up, iPhone app development is impacting the retail industry in the most lucrative way possible. With buyers increasing, the demand needs to be met. Online shopping is the most go-to attitude of customers as they find it easy, convenient, and feasible. iOS development company develops apps that connect users with retail shops and solves the purposes of both the parties easily and in the most efficient way possible.