June 11, 2021

What to Include in Your WordPress Sidebar

With the WordPress sidebar, you can easily organize your content in such a way that it will attract more visitor's attention. WordPress sidebars are actually vertical columns that are mainly used to showcase information instead of the main content of your website based on landing page WordPress theme.

You will find that most of the sidebars are arranged at the right or left of your content. The best part of the sidebar is that you can easily modify it to fit your requirements. To give a better user experience you can set various elements. This permission is given to the website administrator only.

Thus the sidebar of your website is a very important element as it is also used for other content purposes. For your website, secondary content is very important. That means you can use these sidebars to showcase content so that visitors will navigate in various ways.

The special offer or a crucial information can be highlighted using the sidebar. Using a sidebar, you can include the content whose main focus is to get more attention or the content that is important to display but, it should not take focus of your visitors from your main content.

What should be included in the WordPress sidebar?

The sidebar can benefit in different types of content. As a beginner, you will first have to think about which type of content you want to be included in the sidebar and how it can benefit you. The good part of the sidebar is that in different ways you can highlight the content from lists to the images and short blurs.

For organizing easy navigation sidebar area is very much important. Also, it can act as very important navigation by including your preferable content. On the basis of your business niche, you can select to highlight the content that you find more essential or needed.

* Add an About section

You can introduce yourself in the sidebar. The visitors landing on the random page instead of the homepage will find the information in the sidebar more helpful. So we highly recommend you to add updates in your company or useful information which is noticeable in the sidebar.

At the top of your sidebar, you can also add information about your company. By doing this your visitors will be able to explore more about your website based on landing page WordPress theme.

* Opt-in Form should be added

If you are willing to target visitors in such a way that they subscribe to your newsletter then, adding an Opt-in form is the best option. You can also encourage them to subscribe to your YouTube channel, Mailing list, or any other services that are offered by your blog or website.

By integrating WordPress plugins such as OptinMonster or MailChimp you can create an opt-in form very easily.

* Add social media links

The sidebar is a very important area where you can add information from where your visitors can find you. In two different ways, you can make it possible either by integrating a plugin that can pulling content from social media or by adding social icons.

* Add blog post which is added recently

In the sidebar, you can also add recent posts that are available on your blog. In this way, you will be able to get more visitors as they will be up to date with the latest news.

* Add your topics

The topics on which you write the blog regularly can be added to the sidebar. If the list of topics is too large then you can add just add some recurring topics so that your visitors will get an idea about your content.

* Put offer and banner Ads

If you have something that will attract more user attention like banner ads and offers then sidebar is the best area to showcase. Thus it is also best alternative solution if you have a online shop.


Adding impressive and appealing sidebar in your website is not an easy task. The most common sidebar uses are listed in this article we suggest you to explore more about sidebar and get benefited for your business.