The rules of writing posts

For recruiting:

1. Please indicate job titles in combination with the stack or role, for example: “We are looking for a PHP web developer”

2. Company name and some key information

3. Required experience

4. All the job requirements

5. All the work conditions

6. City and location

7. Salary brackets and сurrency

8. Bonus amount for reference (if any)

9. Contact details

10. You can use tags #php #nodejs #developer, etc.

For applicants:

1. Desired position

2. Info about yourself

3. Tech stack, knowledge, skills

4. Desired salary

5. Desired city/location

6. Add CV (optional)

7. You can use tags #php #nodejs #developer, etc.

Group restrictions:

1. Do not advertise your business in this group.

2. If you are going to comment, we would prefer it if you add valuable discussion to the conversation. Be friendly, fair, and use common sense.

3. You will be banned for flood, spam, and advertising.

4. The publication of the same vacancy/candidate is forbidden; you can boost your post once a day.