April 21, 2020

Slots - Game Strategies

Basically, all casino games - including slot games - are disadvantageous for a player. Because the payout rate for the player is always below 100% and the casino is therefore always at an advantage. And that means you need luck to win. So higher volatility is better for you.

Let me explain that ... In games with low volatility, game payout results over time stay closer to the expected return, which is below 100%. On the other hand, in games with high volatility, you still lose money in the long run, but due to the high volatility, you have the chance to cash in a large amount of winnings.

From a different perspective, you can win the same amount of money while playing smaller bets. If you want to make smaller bets on games with higher volatility, you will lose less in the long run and you will also have a chance of winning big.

This is the reason why most tips, tricks and strategies are based on games with high volatility and at the same time you keep an eye on the payout rate ("RTP") of the game in question.

Trick number 1: Avoid varieties that have a low payout rate ("RTP")
The majority of online slots have the same payout rates for all types of games. However, there are some online slot games derived from previous games that ran in real physical machines in casinos. And in some games these have significant disadvantages for the player. In such a case, you should always select those game types that have no disadvantages in the game. I will now bring you two examples that will illustrate this.

A bet on all three paylines costs 2 cents and a bet on 1 payline costs you 1 cent. So in this case it is perfectly clear that betting on only one line has a huge disadvantage and therefore its payout rate ("RTP") will be extremely low. Therefore it will definitely be advantageous to take the stakes with the 2 cents.

An example with stakes at different payout rates: It is definitely better to bet 2 coins if 3 paylines are unlocked instead of getting one payline for just one coin
Example number 2: The maximum bets unlock certain bonus features that can double your winnings if, for example, you get three wild symbols in one game. The traditional game without the bonus feature mentioned will most likely not have a very attractive payout ratio. Therefore, choose a different slot, unless you want to play with the highest bet. Or play with the maximum bet that guarantees you the highest payout rate.

Trick number 2: Always use the double function so that you can regulate the volatility
The doubling function ("red or black") gives you the opportunity to multiply your profit with a 50% chance. In some games (such as Novomatic) you can double up to 13 times in a row.

This doubling function dramatically increases the volatility of the game in question. From a long-term perspective, you exchange lots of smaller winnings for proportionately fewer winnings but with a higher profit amount.

For example, if you didn't use the doubling function, you could win 40 times, € 1 each time. However, if you use the doubling function up to three times, you can win five times and pocket € 8 each time. In the long run, this value is always the same, but the individual profits are higher.

If your goal is to win high, then the doubling function is exactly what you should aim for. The whole process is definitely predictable, easy to readjust and check. I use this feature in some of my recommended slot game strategies.

Trick number 3: decrease the number of paylines to increase volatility
Did you know that a game with only one payline instead of ten has 5 to 10 times the game volatility?

If you bet € 2 on a single payline, your average win will be much higher (but also less common) than if you only bet € 0.20 on 10 lines. Because if you bet on 10 lines at the same time, the winnings in the payout table are 10 times smaller.