History for the first 2 weeks of August.

Hello, the SmartForexTrades Team here,

As already mentioned numerous times before, We value transperancy more than everything here, especially in this world filled with scams, questionable investments schemes (more scams), signal providers that come and go, especially ones that never show their losses, thus We decided to take some time and write this blog post regarding our first losing week ever.

We want to first apologise to every single client of ours that has been effected negatively by this and remind all of you, that we as well have entered this trades and felt the results ourselves...The market conditions last week were extremely brutal for us and August as a whole is not the best month for trading, due to holidays, ect...

With all that said we are still on profit for the month as we will always be, that is just one small bump in the huge path of success we are walking onto. We have track records showing our huge succeess, closing between 1,900 - 3,900 pips every month for 10 months in a row now. That is our FIRST and hopefully last losing week.

Of course everyone who has followed our signals before that knows how good we are and should not fear the markets, as we will recover and come on top as we usually do!

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