April 9, 2022

Promotion of computer club from scratch

It's no secret that recently, computer clubs are developing all over the world. Particlulary, we want to note the growth of computer clubs in UAE.

People come to computer clubs to take their mind off the fuss, play their favourite games on powerful PC's, meet their friends and just have a good time.

In this article we are going to look into the case of promoting a computer club in Russia.

Stating data

  • Recently opened franchise of computer clubs in Russia
  • No social media yet, no promotion had been done

Our steps

To start it off, we created landing pages โ€” packed the Instagram profile and created a website.

Updated Instagram feed

We split content into 2 parts โ€” product and entertainment. At the beginning, we couldn't post product content. There wasn't any promo actions and the computer club itself wasn't ready. Therefore, we focused on the entertainment part.

1. Started posting relevant content on game topics

2. Involve followers into conversations

3. Made a givaway of valueable prizes, which attracted a lot of free audience

Website turned out to be pretty, you can see the prototype down below. We placed a few buttons for booking places, competetive advantages, price list.

Website mobile version prototype

You can see the prototype of website mobile version, but a full web version was also available.

After being ready with Ig and website, we actively started setting up targeted ads.

At the start, it wasn't clear who the target group of the club was, so, at first, we targeted a wide audiences. After a few weeks, we narrowed the audience down by interests.

That's what we've got:

Adults recieved more serious offers โ€” for example, "every 3rd hour of playing in the club is free".

Students recieved more entertaining ones โ€” a little bit comic ad creatives about exams and studying. One of the best results were achieved by ad creatives connected with TikTok trends. Actually, this format is widely used by other computer clubs in Russia.

Our goal was to bring in new audience in the shortest period, so we were not sparing money. On certain days, 1 follower in Ig cost us 80 rub, which is very expensive for promotion in Russia. However, an economy could have resulted in idle spaces and computers. This way, the expenses would have been much higher.

Finally, computer club was launched, big line, club is crowded.

Mission completed.

Next, we swithced to a less stressful mode of attracting gamers, which allowed us to get new audience at a low price.

Based on the results of ad campaign, most visitors are 18 to 21 years old. Company made the main emphasis on this people.

In addition, we noticed how big is the role of feedback to the customers. They valued the communication with the staff and loved being a part of the community. We've created theme chats and announced special promo actions and events for the regular members.

In general, the promotion work consisted of several stages:

1. Fill the club to the top

2. Increase the flow of new customers, using the current customers (for example, "bring a friend" promo)

3. Increasing the retention - launched a system of "private club", ranging clients with club benefits

In social media, we've paid a special attention to:

- active followers, who we reposted to our Ig page

- working with comments, not just question/answer, just casually, friendly chatting

- votings, followers liked that their opinion plays a role in, for example, the choice of employee of the month

Lively profile, attracting content, loyalty of the audience, wide coverage allowed us to get a follower for 14 rub.

Additionally, we launched a situational promo actions. For example, finishing school, beginning of the summer, holiday promo, etc. This promos weren't prepared in advance and we came up with them on the go, promos were also based on the content, recieved from our followers.

We targeted multiple directions:

  • image advertising for various segments
  • contests
  • tournament promotion
  • promo actions
  • situative promo

What was done for the project in total:

  • unique identity and style development
  • set up, configured and filled the social media pages
  • content plan building, regular posting
  • targeted advertising launch
  • website development (ready for booking)
  • computer club registration in map apps and catalogues
  • creation of own game mechanics
  • creation of mail distribution chains for heating up audience
  • unique contest methods development

After a successful promotion, the club was sold to a new owner!


Compex approach to promotion allowes us to attract new followers and customers for a low price.

At first, client came to us only to get the target ads set up. We realize that a low-quality Ig profile, a lack of website and regular content updates affected the price of the follower, lead and client.

We've done a complex of work, that enabled us to get audience at a low price, although the market is filled out.

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