Have you tried Starbuzz Flavour? If not, here’s what one needs to know

If you have just started smoking hookah, you must be very curious about trying different hookah flavours. I know many will search for the top brands that are producing the best hookah flavors globally. So, one must be aware that the brand Starbuzz is producing high-quality tobacco for every hookah smoker worldwide. Previously, there were very few options available to hookah lovers, making them bored in the long run. But presently, some will not stick just to the few primary flavours. Therefore, all hookah smokers tend to try out different types of hookah flavours.

Many smokers don’t stick to a single flavour for many days. Instead, those smokers love to explore different flavors from the other brand for their hookah session, as a reason of which different tobacco brands have started working on producing various types of hookah flavours that will fulfill the smoker’s requirement. Star buzz is one of the leading tobacco manufacturing companies producing a wide range of starbuzz flavours. They provide innovative hookah flavours; one can be assured that this brand is one of the well-known brands so that one will experience premium quality flavour for their best hookah session.

Keep yourself updated:

One needs to identify the changes that are happening around oneself in due course of time. One should change accordingly with the time to keep themselves updated continuously. Likewise, if you are still using primary hookah flavour for your hookah session to date, you may like the flavours. But, your friend will not always like having the same experience as you inviting them to your house, maybe for a gathering or a party. So, through this article, I hope to share a few trending starbuzz flavors that are widely used globally by several hookah smokers. starbuzz has more than 100 flavours under their wide range of tobacco.

Is Starbuzz Flavour the best?

If you are a hookah enthusiast, you must be very interested in trying out different hookah flavors. If you have not tried starbuzz flavour yet, then trust me, you are missing something very innovative and exceptional. Starbuzz is now one of the most profitable tobacco manufacturer brands producing premium quality hookah tobacco to enhance the hookah smoking session of their customers. So if you ask me, I will suggest everyone go for starbuzz as they offer unique yet beautiful mild flavours that will cater to every hookah lover. Just like every food lover tries new restaurants, likewise every hookah smoker loves to try different flavours. Don’t worry though, this article I will introduce to you all some unique flavours which one may not be aware of. Star buzz as a brand had its inception a decade ago, and still, then, they are offering sweet, mild, and quality flavours to all hookah smokers all around the world. So, if one wants to learn more about different starbuzz flavours, then stick with this article as I will discuss a few fantastic flavours from the wide range of starbuzz flavours.

Wide Range of Star Buzz Tobacco:

I guess you are still here reading this article, and then you should be one of the hookah flavour explorers who are in search of the best possible flavour globally. The interest and curiosity is the driving force for every hookah smoker to try out various hookah flavours. On the other hand, you may be one of the experienced hookah smokers who have only tried a few primary flavours, and now as one has ample options in front of them, you are interested in trying out various new hookah flavors then you are at the right place. So let me introduce few ranges of hookah tobacco range from star buzz, which are as follows:

Starbuzz Serpent Tobacco:

Hookah lovers always love exotic and robust tobacco tastes. Now let me give you all about the idea of this tobacco strength. For beginners, one may feel that it is rich tobacco, but for experienced hookah smokers, one will experience mild or strong tobacco strength. This is one of the most popular and best-selling tobacco from the house of star buzz. This tobacco will definitely be a good buy and worth every penny of its price. This flavour has been loved by many hookah smokers globally, so that you can try this once for a unique hookah session experience.

Starbuzz Bold Spiced Chai Tobacco:

This is one of the newest additions in the wide range of starbuzz flavours. If you are a chai lover, then you should give this flavour a try once. This tobacco contains the taste of sweet chai along with the after taste of earthy spices. Initially, some may think it tastes close to a delicious cookie, but as the session progresses, one will get the taste of chai within the hookah session. One should try this hookah on a cold winter night as this flavour will definitely provide you the best hookah session you have ever experienced. A small tip for all my readers is to add a little star buzz mint flavour to give a subtle taste in their hookah session, try once and thank me later.

Starbuzz Rouge (Honey Dew) Tobacco:

This had gained much popularity from back in 2017 when it was launched for the first time. This has been made up from dark leaf tobacco. Rouge had been one of the star sellers from the wide range of starbuzz. I guess this will provide an enjoyable hookah session to beginners as everyone loves the melon flavour. This has got the robust taste just as Starbuzz Serpent tobacco. It will provide mild buzz if it has been loosely packed. But if you taste a strong melon flavor and dense white smoke, then go for semi-dense hookah bowl packing. The flavour will last longer than any other tobacco brand, that is for sure, but it will be a good choice for a long hookah session. Another tip from my end again, one can try adding a little Megawatt flavour. It will provide a perfect taste of tanginess if one enjoys that taste.

A brief overview of Starbuzz Tobacco Flavours:

There is a wide range of star buzz flavours which one can try to experience a soothing hookah session with unique taste and dense white smokes that every hookah smoker desires. So here are few best-selling flavours from the wide range of starbuzz flavours; they are as follows:

Blue Mist:

This name is familiar with most experienced hookah smokers, I guess. This flavour has been one of the top-selling flavours from Starbuzz since 2005. This flavour has medium-cut tobacco leaves. The mint aura will be all over your room once you pack the hookah bowl. One will only fill the mint flavour like drinking iced water. The taste of the mint is mild, and I am sure this mint can be used with a wide range of starbuzz tobacco, which has already been discussed.

Code 69:

This is one of the stars from the wide range of Starbuzz flavours. If one loves the taste of fruit in their hookah, this is the best option. This flavour has medium-cut tobacco in it. This has a subtle taste of mixed fruit punch with a mild mix of lemon in it. One will enjoy the tangy twist within the flavour. This flavour is highly recommended to those who love exploring different hookah flavours.

I know you all are very much excited about trying out different flavours from Star buzz. One can quickly get in hand with one of their products as it is widely available in the market. So don’t hold back yourself; try out a wide range of flavours and tobacco from Starbuzz and be the star host among your friends for providing refreshing hookah sessions to everyone.