April 2, 2019

Figuring it out with Data Science

Everything is made up of data. Music that we listen to, the daily news and updates we find on television and media, the messages we send and receive, everything is made up of “DATA”.

There are different types of data. It includes:

·        Text- the data in the form of alphanumeric letters.

·        Audio- the data that is in the form of sound that converts analog data into electrical signals.

·        Video- that is visual data. It may contain audio and video data running simultaneously.

Data science is the next big emerging field to handle this huge stream of data. With companies fighting over data scientists to improve their quality, some packages are skyrocketing.

But what does a data scientist do?

Data scientists build models, algorithms and find patterns, designing experiments and data-driven decision making. Once done, they are required to clearly communicate the insights that are collected to the team to bring them up to speed even if the teams are not directly involved in it.

Want to be a data scientist?

Go through the following pointers, if anything clicks, then maybe you're on the right path.

●       A degree in statistics, computer science, management information systems.

●       Take pleasure in problem solving and don’t mind individual work

●       Have an interest in data collection and analysis

●       Are very skilled in both verbal and visual communication

Why we need data science?

Data science facilitates better decision making with the use of verified data assimilated by the help of data scientists. This manner of utilizing data was not thought of by the year 2010. With the internet boom taking place which caused the production of large amount of content online (later termed as “big data”), the U.S. government had to deal and solve issues related to storing all this data. Yahoo eventually came up with Hadoop, a platform that could manage all this data, making it easier to handle. Big companies started realizing how invaluable all this data could be if put to proper use.

For example, the online streaming giant, Netflix, uses the data that it collected from the user-viewing behavior to provide suggestions of movies and shows that are similar to those that they have watched. This is done by analyzing the available data to find a pattern in the behavior of the user with the help of algorithms.

These systems replace and perform in a very efficient manner tasks that were earlier performed and required human intelligence. They also provide patterns in data that allow businesses to translate into higher profits in their work space. A data scientist connects the dots between data and business.

Data science is a growing field. Companies want to use data to the best of their advantage in order to gain a better idea of the market. So if you are someone who was ever interested in data science or analytics, then enroll into a data science course from only the most brilliant institutions, wherever you are and in your comfort.