April 10, 2022

How I used to study with iPad (unexpected outcome)

Please, do not repeat.

Some time ago I penalised myself by studying (or up-studying) Arabic language. A decent — or even more decent than others — amount of time I was doing it thanks to and using an iPad.

Like half a year or so I was studying using paper and a tutor, and another year or so using an iPad and a tutor.

I cannot deny how painful it was in the very end, when I realised — just as a couple of times before — that it was all a non-essential effort for the world. I literally was isolated in this activity and had no feedback from the outer world.

On the other hand, I did really like how it was feeling to scratch the letters on the screen, highlight new words and even doodle while writing my notes. But it is a story of pain, anyway.

To conclude, an iPad can be a great hand and mind extension, especially for studying, but be careful with the subjects you choose for your experiments. Maybe sometimes it's more useful to play PUBG and stay calm (fuck).

The problem was only that I did not learn anything to the extent that it would drastically change my life as I was hoping. Though, as MF DOOM would say, if I count this as a lab experiment and not a life-changing endeavour and last resort of Mr. Max to attain — then it's not that bad.

And all that inspiring-motivating type of crap is not really designed for everyone. Sometimes better really to do no effort at all, and it will save you time, money and health.