October 30, 2020

Essential Content Promotion Tips to Get Your Content Seen

Creating Effective Content is important similarly, the Promotion of the Content produced also has equal importance. So first off, why is a strong content marketing strategy so important to your brand? Well, it is essential because you want to be in front of people all the time, you want to be in front of your potential customers, driving value. And so to deliver value today, that comes through content. And content is on all different kinds of platforms, Facebook, Instagram, your blog, website, Medium, there are just so many different places, so you want to think about where your customers are, and how can you deliver value through a strong content marketing strategy?

Below are some Essential Content Promotion Tips to get your content seen:

1. Identify your Best Platforms:

So what I mean by that is, where are your customers spending their time online? Are they on Facebook, are they on Instagram? Are they looking at Medium, are they on YouTube, are they coming to your blog? Think about that and identify your best platforms. So you do not need to do them all, you just want to focus on the ones where your customers live. That might be three, four, five, two. It does not matter, and there is no magical number. Just think about that, come up with your best platforms, identify those, that is the first tip to success, and then we will go from there.

2. Build your Content Library:

 It is essential to build your Content library. And so what I mean by that is, do a lot of research and collect content upfront. And so there are a lot of different ways to do that, and a lot of different types of content. So think about the different types. Here are some examples. One model would be customer reviews. You can capture all these customer reviews and build a stockpile of these reviews that you can trickle out on Social media over time, or on all your different content sources and platforms. So that is one example. Another example would be: Do you have specific infographics or stats for your industry? These do not need to be graphics and stats that you have created, and this could be the stats and infographics generated by other sources.

Some other examples would be finding quotes,industry-specific quotes, or quotes that you have come up with yourself, building out an inventory for that. And you can kind of go down the line.

3. Create your Cadence:

What a Cadence means is, what are you posting, what types of content are you posting every day? Or every week? So when you build out your content library, you will have all these different ideas and all this type of content. Once you do that, you will be able to visualize what you want to post. Maybe you want to post a quote in the morning, and then you want to post a stat in the afternoon, and perhaps you want to post a video in the evening. It is just an example. But you want to have a cadence, so there is somewhat of a rhythm to your social media. And if you have your idea library, when it comes to that day, that is going to be easy to come up with that post content off the top of your head. As opposed to thinking about that at that very moment. So think about that cadence and what makes sense and what would drive value to your viewers, from that perspective, and then that will kind of take you into the next tip.

4.Develop a Posting Schedule :

Once you have this, cadence laid out, is to develop a posting schedule. Now you have your ideas, have your rhythm, and soon come up with your schedule. So what does your plan look like? Is it going to be something where you are going to be posting one time a day, three times a day, five times a day? You will kind of know what that needs to be based on your idea library and your cadence, so figure that out. I would recommend posting between one and three times a day. It is three times being pretty good because that could be when somebody wakes up, eats lunch, and goes to bed. And studies show this is when people look at content most often. So if you come up with those three types of times during the day, that will be perfect. And then figure out the cadence, are you posting quotes in the morning, videos in the afternoon, that kind of a deal? You will lay that in, and then what you will do is develop your schedule template. To develop a schedule template for the week. That way, you can use that every week as a guide and then populate with the content for your posts during the week.

5.Document as you go :

So the idea library is incredible for just pre-populating all these ideas, so you don’t even need to think about it. The cadence and the schedule you lay all that in, so you have posts that are ready to go, that schedule that you have dialed in. But in addition to that, you want to document as you go. So as cool things happen, you come across something, you take pictures of stuff, you do some live videos of yourself, documents as you go, and that way you can just post that stuff in real-time as it occurs. And just the kind of layer that is on top.

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6. Use a tool like Hootsuite:

It is a tool that just basically you pre-schedule your posts, so they send out at the correct times. It has some metrics that you can use from a results perspective, kind of see how you are doing. And then also you can do some engagement through that system. It is nice because it allows you to streamline a lot of these activities. You can pre-schedule stuff, and you do not have to jump into all these platforms individually necessarily, you can use one tool like hootsuite to do all this stuff in one place.

7. Add Value:

Do not just post for the sake of posting. Make sure that every post delivers some kind of value to your followers. Otherwise, they will stop following you and stop engaging with you.Share Worthy content+share = good design + engagement = success. And the key to all that is delivering value.

8.Track your Results:

You have to make sure to track your results and make adjustments. If you see that you have seen more engagement, more likes, and more sharing for your posts in the evening, maybe you want to do more jobs in the evening. Or you want to adjust the time that your posts are going live. Or, if you see a particular type of position that you have done, maybe it is the one that highlights different stats in your industry, and you know that one has a lot of engagement. Perhaps you want to do some more of those if other posts,like your customer reviews, are not doing as well, maybe you do less of those. Look at your data, start to understand what your followers will see, and give more of what they like.