October 29, 2020


YouTube advertising has become a booming platform for marketers to advertise anything. Creating a great video content is difficult, so is the running of ads. Earlier days advertisements are something that belongs to televisions. But, YouTube tends to be a place where you can afford to run ads more efficiently than the television. Reports say, YouTube has a record 1-billion viewing hours for 1 day. This is more than enough to prove the power of the platform. 

A write-up or an audio content is lot more easier to create, compared to video contents. The results should be worth the efforts. YouTube advertising is optimized so much that it can hit a bigger audience and you can be sure it meets the right target.

YouTube advertising can be done in different methods,namely 

* Skippable In-stream ads

* Non-skippable In-stream ads(including bumper ads)

* Video discovery ads(earlier known as in-display ads)

* Non-video ads(overlays/banners)

It will be easy to do better advertising if you already know how YouTube marketing strategy works. If you're not sure about such things just look out for the experts in the business. There are many leading marketing solution companies. Sociolabs is one of the performance marketing agencies in India. It is also good to know who does it better.

1.Skippable In-stream ads

Skippable ads, as the name suggests, can be skipped after 5 seconds of watching. This ads normally runs at the start or at the middle of a video. These ads are also known as pre-roll or mid-roll ads.Your ads should be 12 seconds long but not more than 3 minutes.                      

You pay when someone watches the whole ad without skipping, watches 30 seconds of the ad if the ad is long or if they click on the ad. You pay when one of the any 3 options happen.

Trueview - you would've noticed a "trueview" bar showing up on the screen during the ad duration. Trueview is YouTube's payment option where you only when a user watches it.

2.Non-skippable In-stream ads

According to the report, a lot of people wait for the "skip ad" button to show up. Many people are not interested in watching longer ads before watching their video. So some advertisers, choose non-skippable ads as their option to run ads. This  method is used when you need a wider reach and only if you're confident enough to grab the viewer's attention. Non-skippable ads can be as long as 15 seconds and can be 20 seconds if you're in Europe, Middle East, African countries and also some parts of Asia.

Bumper ads

Bumper ads are 6-second long ads and are non-skippable. Bumper ads can be used for reach and awareness campaigns.

3.Discovery ads

YouTube has always been a search engine kind of platform. YouTube has many factors to show results according to your search. Discovery ad is something like you always see in a Google search. It contains a description of 3 lines and a thumbnail. A discovery ad pops up which is relevant to your search. You can either choose the Ad or the other videos.

Trueview - Discovery Ads are a type of Trueview Ads because people must select the Ad to watch it.

4. Non-Video Ads

For people with small budgets, the above methods may not be affordable. Non-Video Ads might be a solution for them

* Display Ads : These Ads are always present in right side bar of a playing video along with the suggestions. This Ad contains an image, text and the link to you website.

* In-Video Overlay Ads : These are floating Ads that appears on the videos of bigger channels

How to advertise on YouTube

1. Create a marketing campaign       

*Choose a campaign goal (sales/leads/traffic etc.)

* Selecting a suitable campaign type

* Choosing a subtype

2. Knowing your campaign constraints

* Bid strategy

* Know your budget

* Know about your audience

3. Target your audience

* Study the demographics

* Study the insights

* Do remarketing

Always upload your videos in a recommended file format.

YouTube Ads are highly optimized. Keeping the budgets and bids aside it is always better to have a good content. You can also reach out to any of the best PPC services in Delhi for better digital marketing solutions. Video content writing is a separate art of making good contents to your video.