January 19, 2021

The 5 Benefits of Implementing EHR You Must Know

The EHR implementation in the healthcare sector is another technology adoption trend around the globe. Over the last decade, every sector has invested massively in computer software and hardware. Information technology in every single organization has moved from a back-office function to its front face, considering all the advancements and all the tools we use to complete our work in every field around the world.

EHR adoption in medical practice has doubled since 2008. What could be the reason for that? It’s simple. Digitization in any sector is simplifying the workflow as it were. Electronic Health Record is one powerful tool that is not only transforming the core of healthcare but it is also enhancing the overall experience of providers as well as patients.

A study was done on doctors from the US market showed that some important evidence to prove the benefits of EHR in healthcare.

â—Ź 94% of providers report that their EHR makes records readily available at the point of care.

â—Ź 88% report that their EHR produces clinical benefits for the practice.

â—Ź 75% of providers report that their EHR allows them to deliver better patient care.

Though the importance of digitized healthcare management is evident, yet not everyone is aware of its functionality. Let’s learn about it.

What is EHR or Electronic Health Record?

EHR or Electronic health record is a systemized solution to manage patients and all the other healthcare process records; digitally. It serves the purpose of electronic management of patients’ medical history on a real-time basis including medication, radiology images, treatment plans, lab results, etc. In addition to benefits for patients, it is also a tool for care providers and physicians and helps them in decision making for patients’ diagnosis.

This software helps healthcare providers & patients in many ways. Here are the top benefits of EHR that the healthcare industry avails of from it.

1.Smart Patient Record Management

EHR Software improves the accessibility to patients’ health records for providers. They can get all the medical history of patients at the right time whenever needed. They can get accurate data of treatment, diagnosis, etc. that ultimately help them make crucial decisions at the right time. It increases the patients’ experience and quality of healthcare. This technology not only data storage of medical records but also alerts care providers to medication allergies, hence decreases the risk of medical malpractice.

2.High Revenue Generation

No matter to which sector any organization belongs, it has the goal of maximizing the revenue, and it’s true for healthcare too. This sector claims most of the benefits of insurance reimbursement. EHR Healthcare Software provides billing & payment tools to manage payments and finance. The software is uniquely designed to decrease the rate of error in insurance claim rejection. It speeds up the reimbursement process and ceases delayed claims. This ultimately helps physicians and healthcare providers to increase their revenue and bring a better revenue cycle.

Not only that, providers and organizations can also avail of monetary incentives from their government (if their government has that policy). Some governments offer ten thousand dollars for implementing certified EHR solutions that meet their standards.

3.Enhanced Efficiency

As mentioned above the EHR software provides accurate information to patients to get the perfect diagnosis. All the medical information stored in the database can be viewed by authorized providers without any paperwork. That makes the healthcare process more patient-centric and speeds up the treatment process hence increasing the overall efficiency of healthcare.

Other technologies are also entering the EHR platform that will take healthcare to the next level. Artificial intelligence is making its way into healthcare to provide a smart diagnosis by analyzing the medical history of patients. Telehealth is also one technological approach that provides online consultation, education, and awareness to enhance the overall healthcare experience.

4.Data Security

As most sectors are starting to move into digital platforms, data breach or data theft has become a major concern for them. Considering healthcare that has all the personal information of millions of people including their home address, family information, contact numbers, all the medical encounters they have faced previously, it becomes quite crucial to make sure that all the data shared by all the patients should be safe & secure and reach to good hands only.

Here comes the role of electronic health record software. A certified EHR solution ensures that your health records are protected and your practices are HIPPA-compliant.

With blockchain-enabled EHR software such as CEDAR, you can forget about the loss of data ever. It uses hyperledger technology that ensures 100% data integrity and simplified healthcare management.

5.Improved Patient Diagnostics

With the health predictive analysis feature of EHR, it is easy to understand patterns, figure out diagnoses, and prescribe the right treatment. Health analytics gives better patients outcome and increase overall results in one time, unlike the trial-and-error method that used to happen in pen-paper mode.

It is beneficial for patients as they don’t have to remember or store bundles of paper & files of all their medical data. With the help of patients' portals; they can access all the medical information such as lab tests, medication prescribed, previous diagnoses, allergies info, and much more in one place. They can easily share that information with their physician via instant messaging, telehealth, or video calling.

Both patients and providers can track their progress from the beginning of the diagnosis that helps to bring better understanding and more seamless communication between them.

What’s next in EHR?

EHR is the future of healthcare. With multiple technologies integration namely AI, Blockchain, AR, and VR it is going to change the healthcare sector as we know it now. Even at present, it offers scores of benefits to patients & providers. It allows physicians to focus more on care rather than spending time on tedious paperwork, billing, and documentation.

CEDAR Healthcare Solution is much more than EHR, designed to simplify the lives of healthcare professionals by using state of the art technology uniquely designed for your needs. Want to learn what it has to offer for you? Download product features.