January 4, 2021

Top Five Informatica interview questions

A list of top frequently asked Informatica Interview Questions and answers are given below.

What is Informatica? Why do we need it?

Established in 1993 by Gaurav Dhillon and Diaz Nesamoney, Informatica is a software development company. Informatica is an ETL platform providing solutions for data integration. The devices used to collect, transform, and load the data are ETL devices. We may also conclude that Informatica is an ETL method, which is used to extract data from a database and save it in a separate database.

  • Extract: Extract is a method used to extract data from a single database. An ETL tool extracts data from multiple sources in this step. To verify whether or not they suit the target value, verification laws are applicable. If the validation fails, the data will be declined.
  • Transform: Transform is the method of transforming one type into the other in just such a way that data can also be stored in another database. Data formatting, resorting to row or column data, merging the two possible values into one, and separating the data into two or three values are transformed.
  • Load: Data is transferred to the target database in the load phase. The ETL procedure is finished once the data is loaded.

What are the popular Informatica products?

The following are the famous Informatica products:

  • Power Center
  • Power Center Connect
  • Power Mart
  • Power Exchange
  • Power Channel
  • Metadata Exchange
  • Power Analyzer
  • Super Glue

What is Informatica PowerCenter?

An ETL tool used to develop enterprise data warehouses is Informatica PowerCenter. It is a highly accessible, fully-scalable, and high-performing device. Informatica Training in Chennai is very useful for working in this field and FITA Academy providing the best Informatica Course in Chennai with the advanced level of techniques.

It offers the IT leadership team effective solutions because this not only gives data to satisfy the business's company and analytical needs but also facilitates several data integration initiatives.

What is a data warehouse?

  • A way of combining data from different sources is the data warehouse. This includes analytical analysis, incorporation of data, data filtering, and integration of data.
  • Instead of transaction processing, a data warehouse is primarily designed for the question and data analysis uses.
  • Whenever the user needs it, it is used to convert the data into usable information.
  • A data warehouse is an atmosphere, not an item, which gives consumers with current and historical decision-support information that cannot be accessed from a conventional operational database. Informatica Training in Bangalore gives the best experience in this technology with professional certification.
  • Utilizing Business Intelligence software, SQL clients, and spreadsheets, you can access the data that is stored and converted in the data warehouse.

How can Informatica be utilized for an organization?

Informatica in an organization can be used in the following ways:

  • Data migration: Data migration involves the transition of information to a new database system from a conventional system.
  • Data storage: Informatica is an ETL device that is used to transfer data from a database or production system to a data warehouse. This practice is referred to as Data Warehousing.
  • Data Integration: Information Management implies that data from different sources or file-based frameworks is incorporated. For example, cleaning up the data.