February 12, 2020

3 Cutting Edge Technologies That Are Reducing the Time to Market for Your Software

You have a great idea for a product. The moment you conceive it, you want to translate it into a fully functional model. You figure out the logistics and hire a team to get the job done. This may or may not be your entrepreneurial breakthrough, but you certainly believe that the idea behind the application software will transform the society and customers would be more than satisfied to have your products with them.

To make it a huge success, you dive down into the software development life cycle and prepare a timeline of events that will follow. You also pick some of the best technologies out there that can help you accomplish the tasks and make you build your dream product. Finally, your team starts working on the application software. It takes time to build things from scratch and you let it happen, without paying attention to software testing.

And then when you have the released ate finally here, your product hasn’t been under testing pipeline even once. You might have done everything correct to build your dream project, but the only thing you forget is taking note of the time. And before you even realize this, someone has launched a better product than yours and swayed your customers in the wave.

The point is that heart-crushing things can happen at any given point of time when you’re developing a product. Remember that you’re not the only one targeting a particular segment of customers in the market. There are competitors who are equally eyeing customers and waiting to launch their products at the right time. But, if you don’t pay attention to the time and allocate it adequately between your design, Software Consulting Company and testing team, chances are that you will have to suffer even with a great idea at hand.

But, all is not lost only if you pay heed to the time to market for your product. It might seem difficult but with the latest cutting edge technologies to the rescue, time to market can be effectively reduced for your product. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

Why Reduce the Time to Market?

As an organization, what is the purpose of your innovation? For most of them, it is to reach out to their customers and land them with products that assert to their challenges in a more effective manner. The point is that innovation has been the driving force of companies for a long time. But, there is no point of the innovation, if it doesn’t reach the customer at the precise moment when they need it.

What you need to understand about the time to market is that it is the duration needed for the product to bring it to fruition the time to market for your product begins right from the moment you conceive an idea in your head, then goes onto the whole design cycle, development and launch in the market. This is why organizations focus on streamlining their business processes because it has a direct relationship with the time to market your products.

Take testing for an example. If you don’t pay attention to testing in the early stages of your product development, you will end up wasting a lot of time in the end of the cycle, ultimately deviating from the ideal time to market. Having said this, organizations are using a new age of testing called as continuous testing to make sure that every single aspect of their application software is checked and authenticated well before in time.

Time to market is also known as speed to market and is also one of the prime factors in determining innovation for several reasons. Remember that your competitors are out there working as or even harder than you. They are all investing in innovation in various degrees. This means that the more you delay monetizing your improvements or ideas, it gives them an upper hand or chance to pull ahead of you in the market.

Technologies Helping Reduce the Time to Market

If you are determined to reduce the time to market your products, make sure you start testing your product right from the beginning. This will not shift the burden of the work towards the end of the cycle and make your development pipeline more streamlined. Let’s take a look at trending technologies that are helping organizations reduce the time to market by a significant extent.

1. Predictive Analysis

Via ScienceSoft

Predictive analysis is one area of cutting edge technology that is helping organizations take a look into the future, without having to spend endless nights analyzing things. When integrated with the testing pipeline, predictive analysis can assist organizations in finding out defects and abnormalities in their applications that may arise in the future. It takes a look at the present data and gives sharp data-backed insights into the future.

2. Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the biggest impactful technologies that can significantly help organizations in reducing the time to market their products. Machine learning models can reduce the burden of a quality analyst shoulders to write test scripts manually. Based on the previous performances and existing data, smart models can learn and write test scripts in the least amount of time.

3. Artificial Intelligence

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Automation has already hit the software development lifecycle and helped it get better to a great extent. With Artificial Intelligence in the picture, automation can be taken to the next level and aid in streamlining the tasks of testers and developers. AI can test applications without leaving any nuances behind, thus guaranteeing a more enhanced experience for the customer.


The purpose of technology is to aid human thinking and make them available for it. In spite of such plentiful technologies available in today’s world, organizations are still doing a lot of work manually. This means the time to accomplish a task is greater than what it should be. Only if the adoption of technologies like these is increased, organizations can reduce the time to market their products and reach out to their customers at the precise moment.