November 20, 2018

Buying Tips for Solar Pool Cover

Are you searching for high-quality solar pool heating covers? Then visit Solarwise as we provide the best-quality solar pool heat covers that keep your swimming pool heat and warm for a whole day. We have years of experience in providing the premium quality pool covers that are uniquely designed according to your pool requirements.

There are some tips that helps in choosing the right solar pool covers, so have a glance.

1. Size Matters:

Select a pool cover that perfectly suits the size of your pool. Take a solar blanket swatch that comes in square or rectangular shape so that it should closely match the size of your pool. Make sure to buy a pool cover, which is slightly larger than your swimming pool, rather than buying a smaller one.

2. Know Your Options:

Before buying a solar pool cover, just search for the different types of covers:

· Bubble Solar Cover:

It looks like a large roll of bubble wrap. So the heat is trapped in the bubbles

· Straight Line Vinyl Cover:

This is a sheet of vinyl that floats on the surface of your swimming pool

· Insulated Vinyl Cover:

The cover is made from several layers of vinyl that have pockets of air in between the layers, which help to prevent the transformation of pool heat to the air.

3. Consider a Liquid Solar Pool Cover:

If you are worried to manage a solar pool cover due to mobility or strength issues, then consider a liquid solar pool cover. This is a non-toxic liquid chemical, which is safe to swim in and it helps to trap solar energy. A single pool cover lasts up to 30 days and keeps the heat protection actively for 24 hours.

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