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February 9, 2020

Why I would never organize my TEDx event

First thing first, there is a huge difference between TED and TEDx, because TED is 2-3 times a year event, which is organized by TED creators. It is like a huge conference Called commonly like "TED2020", "TED Fest", "TED Summit", "TED Women". By attending to these events you get licensing for TEDx events (about this procedure we will talk later). TEDx is an independently organized event by any humankind who received approval to do that. This person could be you, or your friend. At TEDx you are allowed to use TEDx logos, upload your videos to their channel, etc, etc. About the pros and cons of organizing TEDx event I want to talk with you today. Consider this information as a small guide to TEDx events.

Four things why you should organize TEDx:

  1. You can promote your event with the calling TEDxBlaBla, so more people will attend your event because TED is a well-known brand.
  2. You can upload the videos of speeches during your event to the TEDx channel which now has over 23 million subs.
  3. Speakers will more willingly come to your event because of branding.
  4. You can sell TEDxBlaBla stuff during your event to cover event costs.

That's it. So, as you have understood, the biggest advantage is the BRAND, which could facilitate your promotion campaign.

Limitations of TEDx

But with benefits come dozens of limitations. And, as for me, they might kill any healthy public speaking event. Here we go:

1. You can invite no more than 100 people to the event until you receive a license. What is the license? License is a right to invite up to 500 people if you have attended one of the TED events, which for now cost starting from 5000 dollars.

Taken from

2. TEDx channel has lots of restrictions starting from slide preview, finishing with the length and the content of each speech. Moreover, if you go to their page, you will find that most of the videos get 100 - 2000 views, with some of them being bandwagons of 2 million views. You will have the same opportunity to get your video popular by just uploading it to YouTube.

Screenshot from TEDx channel. Look at the amount of views

3. You can spend all earned money only on cost coverage of the TEDx event or on the organization of the next event. So, you cannot earn anything.

4. The maximum ticket cost for your event cannot exceed 100 dollars.

Going further

5. Sponsors receive nothing. During your event, you cannot promote sponsors, except only one sponsor slide, which is shown for 10 seconds and include logos of all sponsors. Also, you can promote sponsors in your socials, but posts could only include the link to the sponsor website and note that this is SPONSOR. What kind of company would like to sponsor the TEDx event?

By the way, here is the list of sponsors which cannot be promoted:
      1. Adult-oriented products/services
      2. Tobacco/cigarettes
      3. Weapons, ammunitions and defense

So you can easily promote micro crediting, financial pyramids. More info on the official guideline 

6. Speakers cannot promote their products, books, or businesses, or those of a company which employs them.

7. They limit you even on the domain name and the content of the website you are going to choose to promote your conference. There is a special guide on TEDx website

8. Earlier before in their rules, there was a precept to use 2 video fragments of some TED speeches, 15 minutes each, during your event. But for now, I cannot find it. Maybe they have thought over all the stupidity of this rule. Now you only need to insert an introductory video before the beginning of the event.


9. No panels or audience Q&A are permitted. Breakouts and workshops are permitted at TEDx events but must be held outside of stage sessions. So, all the discussions are available only during coffee breaks.


If you already feel that you like the rules you read - follow your heart and select the type of TEDx event to make in your city|university|community. 

This post is neither a promotion of TEDx, nor an ad, and created only in faith of common sence. All the information is shared only for educational purposes.

The reason why some people put their efforts into organizing TEDx is an EXPERIENCE they get while making such events. Networking, sharing up ideas, building community - these are the advantages to be doing it. But here is my question: "Why do I need TEDx to do that?"

Your sincerely,

Speech Club