June 16, 2020

Shared Serial Ports. Share real serial port in your system

This application Serial Port Splitter is an all-round tool with which you can conveniently split a COM port among multiple applications and all of them will get exactly the same data at the same time. 

The interesting thing is that each application will interact with a dedicated virtual port but in fact, they are all sharing the same serial port. Shared Serial Ports doesn’t just share ports, it also merges several serial ports into one port, splits a shared rs232 port into multiple ports, redirects data from one COM port to another COM port, creates a complex bundle of Serial ports, and of course works with both real and Virtual COM ports. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, Serial Port Splitter log all activities taking place within the shared port. That is, you can keep tabs on things like which program opened the COM port and exactly what parameters of the port were accessed.

Virtual Serial Port Driver Pro interface

With Serial Port Splitter you can

  • Share one port for many applications

Serial Port Splitter has the capacity to duplicate a shared rs232 port into several virtual COM ports. That is from a real COM1, you can obtain COM 2, COM3, COM4, till infinity. The created virtual ports are carbon copies of the real port in the system and will be treated as such by the application using it. On the other hand, it is also possible to split a real port with a device attached to it between several programs without creating virtual COM ports. Data transmission will remain precise and unchanged.

  • Merge Several COM ports into a single port

Multiple rs232 ports can be joined together to create a single virtual port with Serial Port Splitter. This allows data transmission from numerous devices to one program connected to the single port that is NOT part of the bundle.

  • Bundle to Bundle connection

It is easy to manage and organize complex bundles of COM ports using Serial Port Splitter. You can set up a connection between a limitless number of real port bundles and virtual port bundles in both directions of data transmission (Incoming and Outgoing) with ease.

Apart from that, there is also an option to set Main Port for each side (Incoming and Outgoing). This helps manage control lines of the reciprocal serial port.

  • Manage serial ports data transmission lines

Hardware signal lines like (DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, DCD, and so on.) can be controlled using Shared Serial Ports. Virtual COM ports created by Serial Port Splitter emulates and is compatible with hardware data transmission lines. That allows you to determine what goes to where when sharing Serial Port.

  • Automatic switching sports

The latest version of Serial Port Splitter came with a special feature called Switcher. What switcher does is that it permits automatic determination of a free COM port from the list of Specified ports, so you can assign it to the application in need of it at the moment.

Port switcher provides an optimized performance environment for those programs that work with a limited number of ports only. Here you simply specify one virtual COM port in the program and create a switcher for this specific port. After that, the program will automatically work with any free COM port assigned to it by Shared Serial Ports as if it has been working with the same port all along.

  • Create an unlimited number of serial ports

With Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO allows you to create as many pairs of virtual serial ports as you need. Any data sent to one port in the pair is momentarily received by the other port. Virtual COM ports fully emulate real ones, so that applications don't see any difference.

  • Ports merging

The new feature of Serial Port Splitter will help you easily share serial data flows between an unlimited number of real and virtual COM ports joined into a single serial port bundle. The bundle is not divided into ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides, which means every serial port added to it can communicate data with all the other COM interfaces at a time.