November 28, 2020



As soon as the races took place and ended, i.e. the horses have crossed the finish line, you can see the result of the race at the racetrack and usually get an overview in the ranking that shows the horses according to the order in which they crossed the finish line. However, please be aware that online bets on horse racing at will only distribute the corresponding profit if the status has been set to “ final ”and the result was checked by the race judge accordingly.

Only after this official verification and publication of the winners will you see the results on Racecard and receive your winnings. Of course, only if you bet on the right horse. In horse racing betting, there are very rarely inaccurate target results, which are then equated to a draw and additionally checked with a photo finish. If this cannot be proven even by photography, the race is considered "dead", which means that you would have won half the race if you had bet on one of the two horses. The quota is then halved for overall fairness.


As a rule, odds for Betting in Kenya on horse racing are calculated according to the so-called sweepstake principle. Participants place bets among themselves, not against the bookmaker itself. All bets are collected and after deducting the commission, depending on the stake, paid to the winners. This odds calculation is basically very simple and usually involves a € 10 bet.

So, for example, the odds are 80:10, which means that if you win and bet € 10, you will receive a payout of € 80, which is € 70 in net profit. However, there are other types of odds as well, such as the previous day's odds set by the bookmaker, or the starting odds, which are the average odds of the bookmakers and are not disclosed, so you have to take a risk.


Anyway, horse racing betting has been a very interesting method of improving your wallet for centuries! Even if the current focus is no longer on breeding but primarily on pure fun and performance, this is really the only big change because horse racing is one of the most organized sports around.

What is horse betting?

Horse betting is a classic in modern betting history about the winner of the race. The choice of different betting options is small compared to football, but there are a large number of races, which in turn provides variety and more choice.

Where can I bet on a horse?

For a long time, the legality of horse betting has been in question, but if you are registered with a licensed provider, the bets offered are also legal. However, many providers now offer horse betting. However, before signing up, be sure to take a look at the portfolio.

How does knight betting work?

Horse bets are the simplest bets. Unlike football, there is only one betting option: bottom line. This means that you are betting on which horse will win the race. Simple and straightforward. However, as there are a large number of different races on race day at the respective racetracks, there are many options available.

How can I win at the races?

There is only one answer to this: bet on the winner of the race and win. Each horse has a different odds, resulting in a different profit. But even here, a higher rate leads to a higher profit.

What can I do to win even more races?

If you are unfamiliar with horses, you should ask for details and information. Many providers offer statistics that make decisions easier, but do not guarantee profit. Horses that are less likely to win have higher odds and promise higher wins. However, the horse's chances of winning are also lower.