April 7, 2022

Answering your questions

Hello Pilots!

Thank you for your interest in the game and for your questions.

It's time for the answers.

Question: Will there be a captain's bridge or a similar change in the appearance of the main screen of the game?

β€” Yes, the redesign of the game lobby is already in the works and an update is coming soon.

Question: Why is not all the data shown when viewing the ship's progress?

β€” We have already developed a new Angara interface. It includes all the necessary options and improved usability. Stay tuned for news and updates to keep abreast of development.

Question: Will it be possible to view another player's fleet?

- In the next updates, a new Player Profile will be available to you. The updated window will reveal a lot of information about other players.

Question: Is it possible to see a landing on the planet in the future?

β€” We plan to make a battle mode for territories and resources. There are no plans to make a landing mode with planetary vehicles and infantry.

Question: Do you plan to develop the Dreadnought itself?

β€” A redesign and a change in the "Destroyer" mode are planned. We will definitely cover this event as soon as we implement it.

Question: Do you plan to test the fleet before the battles start?

β€” When entering an updated Player Profile, this opportunity will be provided: you will be able to test your fleet in a Duel with a friend, setting up a fleet by agreement.

Question: Are there plans to create new modes that involve the entire fleet in the Angara?

β€” Soon we will begin to develop such a regime. In it, you will need the power of the entire fleet, the mastery of strategy, the skills of diplomacy and tactical tricks!

Question: Will pirates and merchants be introduced in episode 5?

β€” This change is planned and we will notify you. Stay tuned for game updates!

Question: Will the free market and tools be added to it?

β€” At the moment we are not developing in this direction. Thanks for bringing up this topic. We will return to it as soon as we implement the planned changes in the project.

Question: Will there be an expansion of clans to 20 - 30 people?

β€” It will certainly be, and we have already begun work in this direction. At the same time, a number of other important improvements must be made to introduce this change.

Question: Will there be external differences between different clans?

β€” Yes, we plan to add functionality for clan identification. Including create the ability to create and customize the banner of your Clan.

Question: Will work be done to change clan life?

β€” Yes. Among the changes planned is the addition of clan technology - a set of permanent bonuses for all clan members.

Question: Will there be new modes for the clan?

β€” Soon the "Battle for the system" mode will be introduced. The mode will be available to all clans. The total power of the ships of all clan players will determine the success in capturing territories and extracting the resources needed by the clan.

Question: Why does the Frakir ship have different mechanics depending on whether it is attacking or defending?

β€” We have planned to rebalance and redesign Frakir soon.

Question: Will the balance be reworked or improved?

β€” Work on the rebalance of ships is carried out regularly, including taking into account the opinion of the players.

In gratitude for your activity, we decided, together with the answers to questions, to open for you more information about our work, namely:

β€” We are developing and preparing to launch the WEB version game.

β€” We are working on improving the UI window and the functionality of the game chat.

β€” Part of the ratings will be divided into groups by player levels. So that players can compete for first place with equals.


Team Star Conflict Heroes