June 7, 2021

Name Ideas for Clothing Store | 5 Point checklist

Are you planning to start your own clothing store or online clothing business ? Are you looking for name ideas for clothing store ? You’re at the right spot. Having a strong yet catchy name that complements your business is a spot-on hit! Why? Well, it’s the first thing the customers will notice about your business, especially in the clothing sector.

A unique business name must resonate with your target audience. Some of the points to note while choosing a good name:

It shouldn’t lose its relevance as the business evolves.

It should be in line with your target customers.

Don’t believe in the myths that suggest your brand name must speak what you do.

Have a catchy Tagline. Use a memorable and authentic one

Confused? Let us help you to select a unique business name for your clothing store. Here’s a 5 point checklist for you.

1. Audience Testing for Brand Naming

In case you’re not familiar with the term, audience testing is a form of public survey. It will present your business name to a specific audience type. As a result, it will gain outside perspective and sentiment from various people. As it’s your clothing business, the testing will be targeted towards an audience that resembles the buyer persona.

So, why is it important exactly, right? I mean, why outside view matter! Well, in business, especially in the clothing business, it’s quite important. Audience testing will give you insight into how your brand name appealed to your target group. This will reduce the chances of choosing a flop name. Definitely!

How Does the Process work?

The audience testing process is an easy one! Reach out to at least 40-50 individuals who will comply with the criteria for your ideal customer. It will give you a proper estimate and help you look at other options. You can ask for feedback and suggestions as well.

2. A Brand Name Should Be Crisp, Simple & Easy To Remember

The best brands always keep their name crisp, simple, and easy to remember! For example, Nike, Levi’s, Apple. They are now the biggest names in their own sectors. So, if you want to have that for your brand as well, make sure it’s crisp! Even you can go for such names that might not have any real meaning. I mean, look at Google & Yahoo! Yes, it’s a gamble. But it will still be quite short and simple!

Similarly, most small businesses rely on word of mouth for marketing, at least the start-ups. Yes! Even when the entire world is on the internet and social media. So, if your brand name is something complicated or difficult to remember, promoting it becomes tough. Hence, making your clothing brand name easy to remember is going to be really important for you!

3. Try Name Numerology For Your Business

You can get some name ideas for clothing store by numerology. Wondering what’s this name numerology? It’s just a study of numbers, their combinations, and their interactions in one’s life. Now, there’s also a Business Numerology that helps in choosing the best name for your business! No, it’s nothing superstitious like horoscope and all. You know the world is based on the power of numbers, right? Well, the same goes for businesses as well.

Numerology states that the letters and words of your brand have the power to determine the fate of your business! With the help of the mathematical principle, you can select a name that can lead to your great success.. A lucky charm you can say. After all, we are Indians. There’s no harm in a bit of positive boost.

4. Make Sure To Choose A Relatable Domain Name

Your name selection process doesn’t stop with just choosing one! You’re starting a business in 2021! A business website is more inevitable than Thanos. So, it is going to be very important that the name you choose is available for your domain name as well. Your website URL must read your business name! It should not have an additional number or unnecessary word just because there wasn’t a domain name available for your selected name! There will be competitive businesses that might have similar names. So, what can you do?

First, conduct a domain search. If yours’ is the only one, great! If not, there are few things you can try.

In case of a parked domain, consider buying it. Yes, it’ll be costly but a unique name is totally worth it.

For example, your business name is Best Wears, and the domain name, bestwears.com is taken, try “.in” or “co.in” first. If that also doesn’t work, try using relevant modifiers or changing your name

You can check your domain availability on Godaddy

You can also do company registration online with the same name.

5. Trademark Search For Your Brand Name

This is the most crucial part - the Trademark Search for your brand name! In order to protect your business’s intellectual property, Trademark registration is absolutely necessary. Why?

Because you are investing your time and money in a brand. You don’t want to give it up in future. Do you ?

It offers a lot of benefits for small, medium as well as large businesses. First of all, it protects you from infringement and misuse of your brand name. You will enjoy exclusive rights to your trademark. It will also avoid future troubles. It will minimise the chances of you having to change your name in future. You can get your Trademark Registration Online.

All these are possible only when your trademark search is on point and precise. It will save a lot of hassle and help you avoid complications in the future. You could find a unique name for your brand that will differ from other businesses that might offer the same clothing solutions. The prior trademark search will ensure that!

The Verdict

The clothing business is a competitive sector. With millions of businesses booming on the internet, you have to make sure your brand stands out in the crowd. So you need the right name ideas for your clothing store. So, what could be more appropriate than selecting a unique and quirky brand name? Consider the above-mentioned suggestions, discuss with your legal advisor and get yourself the best brand name in the market!

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