May 11, 2020


Russians are most in favor of restarting the economy and are also among the most fearless if it were to happen. Germans look towards a reopening of businesses and a resumption of travel with even more ease, knowing that their country has put on a good coronavirus response. Only 44% of Germans are nervous about venturing out again. Yet, Germans are still somewhat split on the prospect of the economy starting back up, despite the fact that businesses in the country have slowly started opening.

India, which has been under a rather strict lockdown since late March, might not extend business closings and all travel restrictions beyond May 3. This is a prospect that makes almost 80% of Indians nervous - the most out of 14 countries in the survey. Yet - maybe out of a consideration of necessity - Indians are slightly in favor of opening up again, with 51 saying they agree with it and 43% saying they disagree.

China and Italy - two countries at the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic - both have a majority of people saying the economy should restart. While the Chinese remain cautious nevertheless and were the second-most worried about going out again in the survey, Italians who have faced the longest lockdown in Europe to-date, feel more ready to resume normal life.

Opinions in selected countries about the economy reopening and the COVID-2019 pandemic in 2020 (in percent)

Source: IPSOS

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