Cooling double Mattress Adjustable Bed

Cooling Mattresses for Paintball “Warriors”

When you are out on a weeklong camping with your boys and the main activity in the campgrounds is the every day playing of  paintball dads and their boys should have the most comfortable sleeping accommodations at night. The realistic fighting in the mock battles are so intense, that the players are practically “dead” at day’s end, sleeping like logs into the night.

The daily “battles” the paintball “warriors” fight are quite exhausting, not only in the physical aspect, but even in the emotional aspect as well. The boys, and even the dads, are so excited in the shooting war with the red paints from their squirt guns practically the whole day.

They normally end the day thoroughly spent from the over exertion of running and crawling behind paintball bunkers, each side trying to outdo and out fight the opposing forces. The winners for the day are happy with their victory, but the opponents swear the fighting is not yet over as there is still tomorrow to reckon with.

The war games, supposedly for the kids, have the interest of the dads because men do not really forget their boyhood totally even if they are already grown ups. The saying that there is always the boy left in a man is very true especially in the game of paintball.

Playing soldiers is always a favorite among the men because the activity wakes up the boy in each man. The paintball battlefield awakens the thrills a man has experienced in his boyhood as pleasant memories, as the dads with their boys excitedly try to out maneuver and outshoot one another on the paintball arena.

At the end of the day, dads and the small boys alike spend the early evening hours recalling their tactics and strategies in the fights of the day, while comfortably lying on their cooling double mattresses. Dads have their customary beers to quench a daylong thirst for the stuff under the hot sun, while the small boys have their juices and sodas, seriously discussing with their grown ups the day’s game and the plans they have for the next battle the following morning.

The moms sit around too with the “warriors” trying to anticipate the need for more beer or the other eats their men folk may ask for at any time. They also check whether the double mattresses for their soldiers are prepared for the night. While their men folk are “enemies’ on the paintball battleground, the women remain steadfast friends looking after their respective loved ones.

Even if the fighting on the paintball arena seems to be so intense the camaraderie among all the participants remains all week, and as they start packing up for home after the weeklong “war”, plans are again made for the next paintball season a year after. They part ways, with each side gamely daring the other to prepare for a long hard battle next time around, because each side pledges to massacre the opposing force the first opportunity they get in the games next summer.