September 28, 2019

About me


But the strangest and kindest friendship, such as virtually any human relationship, could darken the tragedy for a short time. From it could irrevocably disappear the charm, it can even descend. Good friends make us joyful, but they demand a lot in return. When you look carefully, friendship is a much more confusing and ambiguous sort of connection than you may think. Understand how you last sat in front of your very best friend and felt she knows you well and, above all, really knows you.

Maybe, you have ever believed that she awakens in one of the best attributes, in her presence you manage the most practical remarks and also the many witty jokes. She invited you. She always listened attentively, found hidden patterns in your behaviour, and then carefully assumed just how to change everything for the better. You loved gossip about common acquaintances, from time to time devoted to memories of joint experiences. You gladly went deep into your favourite subjects, exchanged barely clear half-intelligences and easily deciphered significant euphemisms in each other's speeches. Perhaps you are even knowledgeable about the agreeable feeling of admiration to your girlfriend, that has been accompanied by a feeling of pride at the recognition of your resemblance to her.

The individual about whom you had an extremely substantial opinion, mutually appreciated you - of course, it attracted a feeling of profound satisfaction and happiness, literally frees you with energy.  Hello, my name is Steven. I'm a journalist, I assist people find family and friends. To learn who their prospective neighbors are. I've got an interesting job in, when you've got any queries, I'll answer you. Loneliness can be as painful as thirst or hunger. John Cacioppo, a professor of sociology in the University of Chicago, discovered a connection between loneliness and issues such as depression, obesity, alcoholism, and cardiovascular difficulties, sleep disorders, hypertension, premature maturation of Alzheimer's disease, and cynical perspectives of the planet and suicidal thoughts.

So provided that you have problems with your buddies, you can consider yourself fortunate: at least that means you have buddies. Such friendship brings us with spiritual power, forms our character, and sometimes can change our destiny. Very good buddies improve immunity, stimulate creativity, maintain normal blood pressure, reduce the chance of dementia in old age as well as the possibility of sudden death. So in case you believe that you can not live without friends, you're not only sentimental, but also common sense. Research demonstrates that friendship helps to stay mentally and physically healthy: it enhances our immunity, maintains normal blood pressure, lessens the chance of dementia in old age as well as the danger of sudden death.