December 16, 2019

Are Traditional Grades A Think Of Past

Background Information

Most people agree with the problem that this is for a position in many schools across the whole of the United States of America? Perhaps a more prevalent problem, though, would be for what the grade is. Today, the marks on the children's report card not only reflect a grasp on the learning of the students.

However, so many different elements like student attendance as well as the student's attitude also affect school achievement during an academic year. Does the traditional grading system tell us what we really want to know about the children's learning? The aim of writing this article is to discuss in detail that are the traditional grades a thing of past or not. The detail description in this manner is provided is given below:


It is rational to say that yes the traditional grades are thing of the past. There are numerous reasons behind it. The teachers could strike panic in the students learning in their classes while they talk about grades in classes with them.

It has been seen that because of the horror of being failed in academics students started to put more effort into their studies. Due to it they become tired and exhausted with their studies. Mostly it is observed that they fall sick when the examinations are near and unable to sit in the examination hall. Due to it the brilliant students of the class often need to study again in the same class. Due to it, the traditional grades system discouraged in the present era. To create awareness about it among the educational institutions' many Assignment Writing Service firms wrote trillions of articles. The research findings of these articles showed that the traditional grading system must be discarded and discouraged.

Traditional Grading Deficiencies

So many experts could have students' inspiration marks under the traditional grading system, extra credit, late submission of work, class involvement as well as non-academic assignments. These elements show the life expertise that is not necessarily showing the student's knowledge of the educational course material, although significant.

Conclusion/ Recommendation

Conclusively it can be said that the traditional grading system includes the marks scheme system. In such a system the students receive a detailed report card that contains the information of the marks obtains by the students. Such a system carries both advantages and disadvantages for the students. In case if the student outperforms in their examinations and passes it with good grades so they receive so many gifts from their parents and loved ones upon their brilliant performance. But if they fail to pass the examinations with good grades so they will get punishment from their parents and siblings and needs to face the music.

Therefore, on the ground of these discussions, it is recommended that the schools and other educational institutions should discard the grading system. Students only get Pass or Fail remarks in their report cards or transcripts. It saves the students from discrimination and due to it students always remain motivated. It urges them to put their efforts into their studies.