July 15, 2021

How to bring video to the top of YouTube and trends without a big investment

Promoting your YouTube channel is a work in progress. Regardless of how you try to promote your channel, with or without investment, it will develop for at least six months. And to see the real dynamics of views, you need to add not 10, but 100 videos. And it will take you at least 3-4 hours per day to create one video. As you can see, it's a lot of work.

How to get to the top of YouTube trends quickly and easily - algorithms

I think there's no point in explaining what the "top" is. As you know, it is the highest place in the rankings. In this case - it is the top positions in the search video hosting.

In the TOP are those videos that the service considers good and offers to other users to watch. Also at the top lines take off channels that have a lot of subscribers, views and likes on YouTube. Getting them on https://lowcostsmm.com is not difficult,

What does being in TOP give you?

Growth of Youtube views. Besides the fact that you can increase the number of views by getting into TOP, you can also influence the further fate of your video. After all, video hosting will recommend it to other users more often.
Growth of subscribers on the channel and the popularity of the channel as a whole. Undoubtedly, it is possible to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube by adding them to the services, but we are talking not only about increasing the number of subscribers, but also about attracting the target audience.

Accordingly, if you have your own business, there will be increased interest in it. You will be able to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, increase traffic to the site and the number of sales, increase trust and brand loyalty. Also, getting your video to the top of YouTube searches will significantly reduce your advertising costs, because views will grow organically. That's why users are so eager to know how to get your videos to the top on YouTube.

12 Important Factors for Getting to the Top of YouTube Videos and Commercials
To ensure that your video gets to the top, you need to understand what factors influence the ranking of videos on YouTube. Based on these factors we'll work out a strategy and can understand how to get your video to the top.

Video title. The title should be unique, clickable and arouse interest in the content of the video. Reading the title should make a user want to watch the video. You should also add a high-frequency query in the video title. Begin the title with a keyword.
Description below the video. In a small description below the video should also add from 3 to 5 keywords on the topic. You may have heard that popular bloggers do not write descriptions and still gain views. But do not look up to them, because they already have very high dynamics of traffic. In itself, the description has no effect on the rating. However, correctly selected keywords in the description can raise the position of the video for relevant requests, as a result of which the video appears in the recommended section.
Depth of views. It's not even so much the number of views that affects the promotion to the top of Youtube, as their quality, to be more precise, their depth. When users watch just the first few seconds of a video and then turn it off, the system determines that the video is uninteresting and irrelevant. Such videos will not be promoted further.
Video hosting algorithms will appreciate if the user watches the video for more than two minutes and moves on to other videos on the channel. In this case, the system will determine your content as interesting, satisfying the needs of the audience.

By the way, 50% of viewers drop out in the first 20 seconds after they start watching. Therefore, pay attention to such indicator as video retention.

The videos with high retention are naturally promoted on YouTube. The higher it is in percent and minutes, the higher the video's rating.

- Viewing rate. There are rumors floating around the internet about the 301 view rule. It says: if during the first 4 hours after the publication of the video, it will not get more than 301 views, then about his further conclusion in the top YouTube can forget. Well, if the video gained the desired number of views in that time, you can continue to promote it.
There are also three time intervals in which you need to gain the most views: the first 4, 12 and 24 hours.

- The number of views of all the content on the channel. It's considered that on the ranking of new videos affects not only the average number of their views, but also the average number of views of all the videos on the channel.
- Duration. Before you aim for the top, open a search and see how long the videos get there. This is very important. You also need to analyze the statistics on your channel to find the ideal length of your videos. The length of the video will also affect the depth of views. Statistically, videos shorter than 2 minutes are usually ranked worse than videos from 2 to 20 minutes.
- Tags. Tags - this is one of the elements of optimization, and with them it will be easier to break into the top. But tags should be chosen correctly and should correspond to the subject of the video.
- Splash screen. Splash screen is an advertisement for your video. It attracts attention, catches the eye and encourages to watch your video. These are the tasks that can be solved with the cover art. That's why it is so important to pay special attention to its selection and design. You should also write the title on the headband, but not duplicate it. A bright header combined with a catchy, eye-catching title will easily sell your video to viewers.
- Quality. Picture quality is extremely important when promoting to the top. Algorithms, of course, does not determine the quality of your video. It's determined by the viewers. Poor-quality videos are few who will watch, so the chance to get into the top to a minimum. High-resolution HD-quality videos are 3 times more likely to be in the top than videos with a standard resolution.
- Distribution on social networks. If many users share your video on their pages, it shows its value. YouTube algorithms like it a lot.

How to get your video to the top of YouTube - tips no one knows

Probably based on the previous chapter you've already made conclusions about what is necessary to get to the top on YouTube. Below you will find a list of specific actions how to get your video to the top on YouTube.

Increase the number and depth of views.
Based on the 301 views rule, you need to cross that threshold in the first 4 hours. How can you do this?

- Use social networks, forums, websites and share the link to the video in all possible sources. Your job is to promptly distribute the video as soon as it's published.
- Run targeted ads on social media to draw attention to the video and gain views.
- Send out a mailing to your subscriber base.
Check your analytics for the "hottest" viewing times on your channel and upload your video 3-4 hours before that time.
Since the rating of new videos is influenced not only by their viewing time but also by the average viewing time of all videos on your channel, you need to remove old irrelevant videos from which you don't get any traffic.
Alternative methods for how to quickly and effectively promote your channel on YouTube and bring your videos to the top, you can learn from the video at youtube.com.

As you remember from the previous chapter of this article, it's important to catch the viewer's attention in the first 20 seconds. Therefore, your video should have an attractive and convincing start. At the beginning of your video, make a cut of the highlights of your video, a kind of trailer. So you encourage the user to continue watching. He will remain interested throughout the entire video.

Recruit a targeted audience for your channel. Subscribers are your most loyal and loyal audience, who are interested in the topic of your channel. So who better to gain their first views than them? They get notifications when new videos are released. Therefore, the more subscribers you have, the more views you can gain.

Since you need to get views in the first hours to get your video to YouTube's top, post it when your subscribers can watch it instantly. According to many youtubers, the best time to publish content is:
Monday through Thursday days and times between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.
Saturdays and Sundays are from approximately 9:00 to 11:00.
Friday, on the other hand, is considered the worst day to publish content. But you must understand that everything is individual. Maybe in your case, the working time will be something else.

In addition, the publication of videos at the same time as all the others is fraught with the fact that your content will be lost among the general mass. Therefore, it is optimal to stick to the specified time, but at the same time analyze the statistics and find your ideal time.

Determine the optimal duration of the video.
Go to Youtube search and look for videos on your topic. See how long your videos are at the top. Use this value as a guide when creating your videos.
Make a publishing schedule.
Always post your videos at the same time. Decide what the publication schedule will be and don't deviate from it. Don't take breaks in this business, otherwise you will quickly lose the positions you gained.
Since the frequency of publishing videos affects the ranking, it would be great to publish content more often. But this should not suffer from its quality and informativeness.
The frequency of uploading content also depends on the specifics of the channel. It is sufficient to post vlogs no more often than once or twice a week. For business channels, the optimal schedule for publishing videos is one to three times a week.

In general, I recommend looking at the frequency with which videos are published on your competitors' channels. Stick to the same schedule, or better yet, publish more videos than they do. Then you'll be able to get your videos to the top of Youtube faster.

In general, the more often you upload videos, the faster your channel will be promoted.

Picking keywords.
To choose a key query proceed as follows:

Determine the subject of the video.
Find channels of related topics gaining popularity and having good figures of views.
Select at least 5 such channels and see what keywords are used there. Select the most high-frequency ones among them.
In the title of the video add without changing the keyword. Make up a title based on what the search shows you, but do not copy verbatim other people's titles.
Achieve high quality videos.
Sound. Record it on a good microphone, make sure that the video was not hard noise. If you use music in the background, make sure that the music is well summed up by volume, without abrupt sonic booms.
Image. It's not just about the quality of filming and lighting, but also in the post-processing. Editing and color correction play a big role. To make it easier for you to achieve a good picture, use a DSLR or mirrorless camera, a tripod and studio light.

Learning the technique of getting videos into YouTube trends from scratch

Sometimes in "Trends" you can see such videos, which are not clear for what kind of merits they got there. Often you can find videos of unknown authors and low-popular channels in this selection. And at the same time there are a lot of popular bloggers whose videos haven't made it to the "Trends" yet.

So what kind of videos get into "Trends"?
The name of the section speaks for itself. Here comes the actual content. This section is designed to help users learn what's happening on YouTube and in the world at large. Videos that are of interest to a wide range of people often end up here. For example, the latest music videos of popular artists, trailers of new movies.

On the one hand, it's rather difficult to derive a unified formula for putting video into Trends. On the other hand it is influenced by a combination of different factors. One of such factors is the high dynamics of views since the video was published. As with reaching the TOP, the fate of the video is decided in the first hours after it is uploaded. The audience retention time and total viewing time in minutes also matters.

Trends" content is generally interesting to the general public, does not shock or mislead people, reflects current issues in the world and is unique. The system takes into account the totality of all these factors. But, as I said before, getting into "Trends" is also influenced by the dynamics of viewing growth, namely:

how many total views there were;
the rate of increase in views;
popularity of the video compared to other videos on the channel.
Section "Trends" does not take into account the interests of viewers and their account settings. All users from the same country see the same list of videos. The selection itself is updated about every 15 minutes, so the order of videos in it may change.

Videos with profanity, violence or pornography, insults etc. will never get into the "Trends". Video hosting cares about user comfort, so in some regions videos are checked manually by specialists.

Note that this section contains only those videos that are in the public domain. So check your privacy settings if you want to put videos into Trends.

Thus, we can conclude that the number and depth of views, although influencing getting into "Trends", are not the leading factors. Videos with a smaller number of views, but selected by the system due to a combination of other criteria, may also get into the selection.

What does the output in the YouTube Trends?
After a video is included in the trends, the number of its views increases several times.
It's certainly great, but does it have any effect on the growth of the channel's audience? As practice shows, the number of subscribers increases insignificantly. On average, there are 10-100 subscribers per hundred thousand views. At the same time it doesn't mean that other videos on the channel become more popular and get the same number of views.

Therefore, the following conclusion can be made: there are no guarantees that getting into "Trends" will have a significant effect on the channel's promotion. You can find a lot of channels in which one of the clips was once in the cherished selection and gained millions of views. At the same time, the rest of the videos on these channels still had no more than tens or hundreds of thousands of views.

The explanation is very simple. The fact is that "Trends" most often gets super interesting, topical, hype videos. People who like the video subscribe to the channel and expect the same content in the future. Not getting it, they are disappointed and leave the channel. After all, it's impossible to create viral content every time.

Since getting into the Trends is no guarantee of a huge increase in new subscribers, the question arises: "Why do you need it? The question of how to get into the YouTube Trends is more relevant for those who sell any goods or offer services. And for the authors of most channels on YouTube it is not so meaningful. Despite this, many users really want to be in this selection. Therefore, below I'll try to figure out together with you how to get a video in the Trends.