July 26, 2020

Expanding: more space, less daylight?

Many people are currently renovating. Corona taught us that it should be cozy and comfortable at home. I see a lot of detailed plans in the showroom. An extension gives more space, but pay close attention to daylighting. It shouldn't get dark and gloomy in your living room. A steel facade for the extension is a stylish part of a good design. The slender steel ensures optimal light. The insulated profiles keep the room temperature comfortable.

Are you looking for a steel facade with French doors?

With beautiful steel patio doors you can involve your garden even more in your home. We apply the most modern techniques for you. This makes it possible to use steel doors in both indoor and outdoor situations. At the steel exterior doors , the thermal bridge interruption in the steel profile together with double or triple glass ensures that the heat stays inside. And all this without loss of elegance. So you don't have to choose between comfort and design! For stainless steel visit stainless steel hardware supplier in Mumbai.

Do you want to know what the costs are for a steel facade outside?

The largest item for our steel doors is labor (70%). Mail us your plans . We will accurately calculate how much work goes into your doors. If you value craftsmanship, we are on the same page. A tour of the steel workshop makes you realize how much time and attention is put into your steel frames. The steel profiles and the technique to be processed is approximately 30% of the total. Whether a steel facade is slightly larger or smaller, you will not notice in the price. It's the same amount of work. The structure of the price of a steel facade for indoors is the same: 70% labor and 30% material.

Reference project steel facade outside: How to bring outside light inside.

How does it look? Take a look at this steel facade in Made , near Breda. What is striking about the exterior facade of this garden room are the narrow, well-insulated profiles and the secure three-point closure. This sustainable solution provides a surprising transition from the inside to the outside. We use the garden room as a cozy consultation room in our showroom. You also find soft close door hinges in Mumbai.

The steel fronts in this extension ensure optimal light

Steel facade living room and new extension

Place a steel facade between the living room and the new extension to enhance the extension. Now that you can close it, you will discover that this will be the coziest place in the house. Just find a recipe for a tasty Mocha cappuccino. Melt two cubes of chocolate in red-hot espresso…

Reference project steel facade inside: Dynamic Design.

How do we proceed? This showcase is about a steel facade in Amsterdam. Please note the special division of this project. The playful use of compartments in different sizes makes the design much more dynamic than if all compartments were the same. Of course there is a formula (golden ratio) behind the design.

Industrial exhibition

Our showroom and studio are one. The products speak for themselves, in an environment that inspires. Do you have questions? Shoot one of our professionals. They tell everything from their heart. You could perhaps better describe our showroom and workshop as an industrial exhibition that stimulates your imagination and creativity. "When I walk here, I want to get started right away!" Said one visitor. Let's agree, we can deliver within 8 weeks.