Basic things in your car that you should know

Having a car is not as simple as owning a machine that uses gasoline to get from one place to another. A car for many, or even for everyone, represents a tool to go to work, to go on vacation or even to offer a service. Like an instrument, you deserve to know how it works and that you need to have a long and productive life.

That is why we explain some basic things that every driver should know about their car, even before purchasing one.

Cars need maintenance or service:

depending on the brand or model the time to do it varies, but there are highly recommended dates such as every 10 thousand km or every year.

Oil is as important as gasoline:

Its function is to lubricate and clean the engine, the lack of this liquid causes degenerative damage to the machine such as oxidation and soot or tar. In the end, this will cause the engine to wear due to friction in places where it shouldn't.

Take care of the shock absorbers:

These parts are often damaged by passing through bumps or potholes very quickly. Its function is to control the movements of the suspension, give control to your car in the curves, among other things. If these squeaks when you stop, you should do a review as soon as possible

Change filters

Air filters, specifically, when they are dirty can cause blockages in the engine so they must be changed every five to six months.

Have your emergency kit.

A flat tire can happen to anyone, so it is important to always load your spare tire, jack and reflective warning triangles. You can also add to this equipment cables to pass current, gloves and lamp.

The windshield wipers are also changed:

This part is essential for your car because they will support your vision during the rains or in foggy contexts. It is advisable to change them every 6 months, although some brands indicate the time indicated in their user manual.

Gasoline is not the only liquid that you use:

A car works correctly while your liquids are full and in optimal conditions. Antifreeze, power steering, brake fluid, windshield wiper and oil should be checked and changed every time the car needs it.

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