January 5, 2021

[SKILLSHARE] The Ultimate Guide to Animation Principles: Secrets of Great Motion Graphics with Hongshu Guo

Do you like watching great animated videos? Have you wondered how their animation is so smooth and appealing? Have you also wondered how they learnt their craft or is it just talent? Is there any secret that you are missing in order to animate the same as those awesome animators? What are these secrets? Where can you learn those?

Well if you ever wondered any of the above questions, you are in luck. Because today, I am going to teach you the secrets to those awesome and great motion graphics videos. Something you won’t find on the internet, at least not to this scale in such details.

In this course, I will teach you the animation principles of motion graphics. Something that’s evolved from the traditional animation principles, more relevant to nowadays motion graphics work. The secrets of great motion graphics. I will go over each principle one by one with several real project demonstrations to show you how to apply these principles to real work. This course contains 12 animation projects that I will be working on to help you understand these principles, You will learn:

  • #1 ultimate animation principle: timing and spacing
  • How to animate using graph editors in After Effects
  • Animate with value graph
  • Animate with speed graph
  • How to animate with ease
  • Animate with Oscillation
  • How to apply Anticipation and Overshoot
  • Animate bouncing animation
  • How to apply Squash and Stretch
  • What is Secondary animation
  • Follow Through in animation
  • After Effects tips and tricks
  • After Effects keyboards shortcuts
  • Best animation techniques to date
  • After Effects best practices
  • How to think as an animator
  • How to approach project with animation principles
  • How to animate like a hero

The concepts and techniques covered in this course are fundamentals and essentials that you will be able to apply to any motion graphic works. Some of the basic tools, tips and tricks of After Effects can also be translated into any type of projects.

This is an introductory course and it’s for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of great animation and getting into motion design, adding animation to your graphic design and illustration.

Although it’s an introductory course, there are a lot of things that we need to cover in this course, so a basic understanding of design tools from Adobe suites will make this course easier to follow.