October 30, 2020

Health Benefits of Coconut oil


Natural products give you the most benefit than any artificial medicines or skin care products. Purity of the natural ingredients get you the best sustainable result without hampering your health negatively in any way. Coconut oil is one of those natural products that you can use for a lot of healthcare benefits as well as for your skin and hair too. Here is some benefits that you can get by using coconut oil .

  1. Provides healthy fatty acid
    Normally , we always have the problem of consuming fats in our diet which is the root cause of so many health problems like overweight or heart attack. But coconut oil provides you with good fatty acid that are easily digestible as well as don’t tend to make you heart attack sensitive. As it possesses HDL cholesterol that is healthy and good for our body , so it does not cause any problem for your body rather it fulfills the necessity of fat in your body in a positive way. In case you want some genuine but cheap and friendly same time , you can buy medicines online that will help you substitute your necessity with a healthy one .

2. Has antimicrobial effect
Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is almost 50% of the total fatty acid content the oil has. Digestion of lauric acid in our digestive tract produces monolaurin . both lauric acid and monolaurin kills the pathogens like bacteria , virus, fungi and other microbes too. It adds to your immune system . Lauric acid contributes to the good fat portion that is provided by coconut oil. So , in order to consume healthy food , instead of cutting oily food , substitute the soil with coconut oil .3meds provide you with door step health care with affordable price , you must check them.

3. Helps you consume less calorie

Coconut oil is high in MCTs . The more amount of MCTs you intake , the less hunger you feel because it reduces hunger . Once you uptake the oil , you will have reduced hunger which will help you consume less calorie . Not consuming excessive calorie will save you from a bunch of health problems and help you lead a healthy journey .

4. Helps you reduce fat
As coconut oil also contains fatty acid (fat) , so during the digestion of those fatty acids , the excessive fat of the body also get to burn . So more intake of coconut oil ensures extra burning of excessive fat in your body . It may help you to loose weight and stay fit too.


These are some of the health benefits that coconut oil provides . but there are different benefits of this oil . It is even used as cosmetics , and used for oil pulling . It can be applied as moisturizer providing nourishment to your screen as well as sunscreen protecting your skin always.