October 14, 2020

How to Expand your pharmacy business in time of Covid 19

This covid 19 disease has affected the whole world and that is why it is declared as pandemic by WHO . This has almost paused every industry due to lockdown and shut down . But there is hope of recovery also . In case of pharma business the most affected part is supply chain . Still as this corona disease made everyone aware of their health and taking care of it , so there is a probability that pharma industry can grow by providing quality and reachable health care . Though this six months has been the worst but still it has some ways to get out of it . So this article is the place that will tell you how to expand your pharma business in time of this covid 19 .
Here are 5 ways that will ensure your growth when every other industry is almost in pause situation.
Learn digital marketing
The spread of corona virus has completely banned the physical meetings . so you have no chance left to talk to your patients and let them know about your products and sell them. But there is a way through which you can reach plenty of people in shorter period but in a better way and that being digital marketing . You should digitally reach to your customer , virtually talk to them , solve their queries, tell them about your health care products and its benefits for them and make them buy it by placing online medicine order in India .Fix virtual meetings through various ways using internet and talk about their problems , provide them with quality medications and other heath care information they need to know. you should post quality content that involves your customer directly with your company that will ensure a trust building and make a brand image of yours. So using digital marketing in best way possible is the foremost work to accomplish f you want to expand your pharma business in the time of covid 19 .

Adopt online delivery process
Obviously due to this pandemic no one will reach to you and buy your medicines. So in order to increase your sales , you have to adopt the online delivery process. Reach to your customers through various ways like website , social media , chat bot etc and build a trust . Keep the orders pf medicines or any pharmacy products digitally from your customers . You can have your own application to take the orders , there are so many medicine delivery apps in Delhi you can look up to like 3MEDS . With the help of your team , you reach to them in their doorstep and delivery their products . never ignore the necessary hygiene to maintain, that is sanitize your products properly ,packaging should be of high quality, wear masks and gloves etc , this will have a positive impact on each and every one who receives your medicines or other products.
Have a crisis management team
Managing everything during this crisis is really a tough task . so you should have a different team of few members who will only look up to crisis management . Any problem regarding this pandemic , this team will solve . so having a different team will actually divide the workload and will add to the smooth going of your company . By using this theory of division of labor you can grow your business and at the same time solve your problems within less time and with less man power.

Satisfy patients
Satisfaction of your patients is the key to the expansion of your pharmacy business not only in this time but also every time. The data of your patients , your products and your service is no more stationary . In this digital era , anyone can have access to any type of data . So satisfaction of your patients will enlarge your promotions ad aid you in creating your brand image . And at the same time dissatisfaction of you customers will collapse your business if he share his bad experience in any platform that will affect your brand and your business in a very negative way. So never compromise with the quality of your products , try to improve and update time to time . Focus as much as you can on the service provided by your company to the customers, create a friendly environment , interact with them with positive vibes etc. This small small initiatives will help you expanding your business and building your brand .
Develop your research
As a pharmacy company , try to develop your research regarding new medicines , new innovations of any type of healthcare products or services. This will enable you to launch exclusive medications and help you getting more loyal customers.

Expanding the pharma business in this covid 19 period is difficult but never impossible . Rather there is a better chance of growing pharma company in this time than other industries as people are more aware about their health care now . Using these tricks in your strategy, you will be definitely able to expand your company even in this paused era .