December 12, 2020

How to Tilt the Entire Universe in Your Favor!

Many people find prayer boring,Soul Manifestation Review and because the last thing they want is to be bored, they decide they won't pray. They do this even though they know God told them to pray, even though they what it does. It's boring, so they don't do it.

Part of the reason is that they haven't discipline themselves to get information about which they can pray. If you want to know to pray for someone, do a study of all the prayers of the Bible. Investigate biblical praying, and then work your way through each one of those prayers, inserting the name of the person you are concerned about. That will keep you going a bit.

Then make sure you have all the information you can get about the ministries of your own church. When you see a list of small group studies or care groups, copy it and pray for each of them. Get a list of the missionaries your church supports, and pray for each one. Get information from the mission's office about their needs and concerns. Keep yourself informed from Scripture about the will of God and from people about their circumstances, and notice what Paul says: You've got to be alert. Keep your eyes wide open to what is going on in the world around you, and pray accordingly. Prayer is discipline of information.