If you're not ready to shave yourRevifol Review head, you could consider buying a wig or toupee. They are a little better looking than they were at one time. Of course, they won't "feel" like someone's natural head of hair. So, what's the real solution? Why not re-grow your own hair?

With the hair loss treatments available today, you may be able to get rid of that bald spot, instead of trying to cover it up with haircuts to disguise baldness. Some people notice an improvement in thickness within a few weeks. Ultimately, success depends on the cause of the hair loss (or alopecia, in medical terms) and how quickly you begin treating the problem.

Research has shown that the most success is seen in people that begin treatment early, when they first start to notice thinning or a small bald spot. Today's treatments can prevent further loss and actually stimulate the follicles to start producing, again.